Fire's burning is a collab written by Kyrie (XxxPandoraHeartsxxx) and Jack Firesword.


Original idea by Hazelcats. We do not own any characters or settings in the Percy Jackson or Heroes of Olympus Series, they solely belong to Rick Riordan. The settings and scenes unknown to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series are ours, all materials, events and weapons that is not in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series are ours.


Places are mystirously setting on fire, but the thing is they belong only to demigods. Now demigods are being burnt alive. It is up to two demigods to find the source of the fires, so they set off to find the god of fire himself.


Mark Nero

Kyrie Taylor


Chapter 1 - ??? - Jack

Chapter 2 - ??? - Kyrie

Chapter 3 - ??? - Jack

Chapter 4 - ??? - Kyrie

Chapter 5 - ??? - Jack

Chapter 6 - ??? - Kyrie

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