Fletcher McLaren is the son of Ouranus.

Fletcher McLaren
Fletcher McLaren
Son of Ouranus
Twister Lord
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 14 August 1997
Current age 15
Gender Male
Family Sarah McLaren - Mother

Aeolus - Father

Status Alive
Eye Color Misty Grey
Hair Color Misty Grey
Height 5'0
Alias Fletcher
Affiliation Demigods
Weapons Celestial bronze sword and shield
Species Demigod
Home Camp Half-Blood
Appearances  ???
Quests The Sinister Four


Fletcher McLaren is the son of Sarah McLaren and Ouranus. He ran away at the age of 12, when he was turning into a teenager. Fletcher came across so many obstacles when he was a child, such as his mom being kidnapped, and he has to rescue his mom, but first he went to Camp Half-Blood and learns that he had been accused of stealing something vitally important to Olympus, just like Percy. But this time, he was being accused of stealing Fire from the gods and giving it to the humans. 


Fletcher McLaren is a laid back guy and he is carefree. Sometimes, his carefreeness can get him into a lot of trouble. 

Dark Circle

As he is a son of Ouranus, he s allowed to enter the temple of Dark Circle, which house many other members of protogenoi. He has a good start in that group and has since been a loyal member of the family.

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