Nico thought he was the first Greek to find ot about the Romans. He was wrong.

This story explaines about the real person who discovered the two camps at first. The Roman who fell inlove with a Greek, that is. But this is something he should always.....fortbid.

Chapter One

Chris' POV

Love. Power. Fame. Are those things we shold forbbid?

My name is Chris Vidao. I'm the son of Mars, the Roman Ares. I am the first Roman to discover Camp Half Blood.

It all started on a quest for power. I went alone to travel te Underworld, to find my father's lyre. Appearantly, Melinoe took it and dad wanted it back.

"Give it back, stupid!" I called.

"Never, Apollo!" She cackled.

I charged and got the lyre with my blade. I stepped on Melinoe's disguisting face as she cried.

That' how stupid they are in Greek gods are. Romans are a million timers fiercer than them.

As I walked away, I felt Melinoe attack me from behind. I was going to attack her, but someone thought differently.

"Melinoe!" A girl's voice from behind calls.

I turned around as I felt Melinoe's adrenaline stop. Melinoe glared at the pretty girl with b\jett black hair and dark eyes.

"What?" MElinoe growled.

"Father is calling you." She said.

MElinoe passed her with a glare. The girl chuckled as he left.

Then she looked at me.

"You, um, you saved my life." I muttered.

"You're welcome."She smiled.

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