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Gabriella as a teen.

Gabriella G

Gabriella Margalo Grace (born March 12, 2006) is the quarter-blood daughter of Luke Castellan and Thalia Grace.

Finding My Father

Gabriella has to go to Camp Half-Blood because her preschool teacher turned into a monster and attacked her.

She and a girl named Harmony Jackson become best friends.

Gabriella meets Luke Castellan and realizes that he's her father.


Gabriella looks very much like Luke. She is around 3'6 and 48 lbs. She has extremely pale skin, white-blonde hair, and ice-blue eyes. She wishes that she could look more like her mother.


Gabriella is a bit insecure and shy. She's always been a kleptomaniac, like most descendants of Hermes. Her personality is still being tweaked.

More coming soon...

Known Family

Thalia Grace-Mothered

Luke Castellan-Father


May Castellan-Grandmother



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