Genevieve Valeria Castellan is a 14-year-old one nightstand quater-blood daughter of the Luke Castellan. Along with her sister Ginerva Victoria Castellan, Gene battles Nick Jackson, the 'Luke' of their generation. Whilst all the action, she realizes she has feelings for Nick, and starts to unknowingly bond to Nick's twin, Justin. To add to the drama, her half-sister Caroline ends up against all of them, when she kills Ginni and Gene's grandma, May Castellan, and tries to kill her own mother. And people say a demi-god's life is abnormal.


Gene's childhood was never easy. Sense her mother had Gene and her twin when she was married(and still is), they had a stepfather who absolutly detests them. Although she was their half-sister, Caroline befriended the twins and later becomes Gene's best friend.

Gene had always been upset at the absense of her father, but never actually showed it. Over the years, she slowly understood that life isn't as easy as it seems. She understood that her father would've not been there even if he was alive, she was a one nightstand after all. She was glad for Caroline and Ginni and even sometimes her irresponsible mother.

Genevieve always clashed with Petronel Kris Jackson, but it was later mentioned that both girls respected each other.

Abilities and Disablities

  • Minor Dylexia and ADHD
  • Able to persuade anyone to do anything(Her mother was a witch)
  • Math genious
  • Music genious;plays the piano, violin, guitar, and sings.
  • Bad at English(naturally)
  • A great liar(From Hermes)


Gene was is very sarcastic, calm(unless a very critical situation), smart, and often negative.

It is said that people usually point out that the twins are complete opposites, to which Gene gives a sarcastic remark while her sister thanks the person. But it is also later mentioned that the girls aren't completely different, and there is some similiarty.


Gene was said to be really beautiful with her sandy blonde hair, pale skin, and her eyes which sometimes looks green and sometimes blue, that factor is inherited from her mother. Gene looks a lot like her mother with high cheekbones, heart-shaped face, hourglass body, and many more.


Gene used to date Nick, until just before his betrayal, it's possible he had shared his plans to her. It is obvious Nick still cares about Gene. She cares too, but it's unknown if romantically or just friendly. Later on, Gene gets closer to Justin Jackson and it becomes a love triangle. The future for Gene is unknown.

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