The Blessed Mortals. --Juk yter 17:08, April 26, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter 1

"WHAT!? WHERE AM I?" I bellowed at the unfamiliar surrondings. "Wait, don't tell me Mount. Olympus." "Oh," said a centaur, "that would be nice." "Have I been on drugs, Chiron? Have I?" "I don't think so. But I would say that." I stifled a smile. Then he came towards me. "NO! DON'T COME NEAR ME! I'VE GOT THE GO- I mean, Chicken Pox." "Tell me the truth." "Well, I've sort of got the gold touch." "Come with me. You have no idea how long I've been waiting for a Blessed Mortal." "I'm Leonardo. Call me Leo. And you've been waiting for someone with Greek superpowers? We've got a load at school." He looked at me with ancient eyes. "I hope there is no meaning to this, Leo." I thought about Unfortanante Delilah, who Zeus fell in love with. Hera is after her and this time ordered no air must touch her. She can't breathe unless Zeus holds her. She's pregnant with twins. A boy and a girl. Leto. Apollo. Artemis. I thought about the flying horse that swept to Humble Zack. He was changed that day. Prouder. Bellerophon. I thought about Cunning Dana, who hd seen Hades and lived. She had tricked a God! Sisyphus. Lucky Walker, the one who had made Artemis stop being a virgin. Lucky him. Actaeon. Curious Jan, who had opened a box of Pandora's and gave up Hope. Pandora. Echo had stalked Vain Muhammed. Narcissus. And Chiron still hadn't noticed it! AMAZING! Chiron stopped arubtedly. "Put on these gloves." He said holding up a pair of silk gloves. I felt them, they didn't feel hard. Gold leaf, I hoped. I put them on. Normal or unusual. Immortal skin! WOW! "Chiron, thank you!" My eyes were almost out of their sockets. I could live properly! YES!

Could some one please fix this. I don't know why it's happened.

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