Grahm Edward Chase, born June 16, 1864, is a demigod son of Gaia and Alexander Chase. He

Grahm Edward Chase

Biographical Information
Olympian Parent: Gaia
Human Parent: Alexander Chase
Date of Birth: June 16, 1864
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Age: Immortal (drank from a stream that Hebe enchanted to make you never age or die and looks the same way he did when he was 16)
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Any shade of Brown
Height: 5'10"
  • Gaia (mother)
  • Alexander Chase (father)†
  • Hemera (maternal grandmother)
  • Aether (maternal grandfather)
  • Leonard Chase (paternal grandfather)†
  • May Chase (nee Brown) (paternal grandmother)†
  • Uranus (half-brother)
  • Cyclops (nephews and neices)
  • Hundred-Handed Ones (neices and nephews)
  • The Titans (nieces and nephews)
  • The Gods (great- nieces and nephews)
  • Percy Jackson (great-great nephew)
  • Thalia Grace (great-great niece)
  • Talon Chase (son)
  • He has the power of geokinesis- is the elemental where he can control and/or manipulate earth, such as creating an earthquake.
  • He can manipulate the weather- is the ability to manipulate the weather in all its forms for example, thunderstorms, rain, lightning, tornadoes, ect.
  • He can sense things because he can keep an eye on earth.
  • he also has the power of Force Blast, a blast of concussive force that sends targets flying through the air.
  • All are less strong as Gaia though.

can never die or age either. And whether or not he drank from the stream, he can never die when on the ground because the earth heals him (as shown in The Battle of the Labyrinth) and his mother is Gaia.

Personality and Past


Grahm is very calm and rarely gets angry. His father was in the military and always made him work hard for hours non-stop with no food or drinks. He then was very stong and had lots of character.


Sinse his father, Alexander Chase, was in the military he never had time for fun. His father could see through the mist, but wasn't educated in anything but math, war history (including Ares and Athena them being the god and goddess of war) and health meaning he never knew about greek mythology. He is now immortal because he was on an 8 mile hike with no food or water. He then cupped his hands in a stream and drank. He never knew who is mother was until he got to Camp Half-Blood.

Magical Items

Earthquake, a sword from the earth

Grahm has a sword called earthquake. It was made of dirt and had specks of celestial bronze and Gaia cooled it in the River Styx. The hilt was made of stone and then after a week Grahm wrapped it in leather. When not in use, it looks like a trowel.

Hunter the Hunting Falcon

Grahm found Hunter when he was supposed to be 18 and since he knew he was immortal because of the stream, when Hunter was fully grown, Grahm made him drink from the stream. He is also the reason for the name of Grahm's first son, Talon.

Family and Friends


  • Alexander Chase- Grahm hates his father. He never let him have any fun or freedom. He made him do chores and 10 mile runs everyday.
  • Gaia- Grahm knew who his godly parent when he was mad at because his plant in science kept withering. Then he consentrated on it so much that it grew 10 feet long. He then ran to the boys washroom and looked in the mirror to look and see what was happening and saw a faint globe of the earth and knew from Greek Mythology that demigods finally find out who their godly parent is when they see their Symbol of Power above their head.
  • Leonard Chase- His grandfather was in the military but never met Grahm.
  • May Chase- She met Grahm when he was 3 but passed on the next week.
  • Talon Chase- Talon was named Talon because Hunter- his father's bird- used his talons to kill him. But the talons did not go in far enough to kill. It just left a long scar from the bottom of his left eye to the bottom of his head. Also drank from the stream.


  • Hunter the Hunting Falcon- He tried to kill his son but Grahm has had Hunter since he was a baby. Also drank fronm the stream.

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