Grayson Russo is a son of Tyche.

Grayson Russo
Son of Tyche
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth July 7
Current age 16/17
Gender Male
Family Tyche-Mother

Father-Unknown Adoptive Father-Adrian Russo Adoptive Mother-Catalina Russo

Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown/Black
Height 6'0
Alias Gray
Affiliation The Questing Organization
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Species Greek Demigod
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Appearances None
Quests None


Grayson has dark hair and eyes, and tanned skin, though it is still on the pale side. He is about 6 feet. He is muscular, but not overly so. He is very handsome.


Grayson is very sure of himself and his decisions, and though he is not as arrogant as he was before his adoptive parents died, he is still egotistical and cocky, and often shows it. He is serious when it comes to missions and other important matters, but his arrogance is still there. Grayson can, however, push aside his ego and be serious enough when it really matters.

He flirts with almost every girl he meets, though he is almost never interested in a serious relationship, and prefers one-night stands with pretty girls he barely knows or won't see again? over anything.

He also does not let anyone call him 'Gray', except for a few special exceptions.


Tyche and Grayson's father had an affair in Las Vegas when he was on a 'business trip' from a small town in Maine. His father had already been married to another woman, so when a baby boy showed up out of nowhere, the woman left him, realizing he had been unfaithful. Angry with Tyche and his son, he quickly gave Grayson up for adoption.

Grayson was then adopted by a wealthy couple who were unable to have children, Catalina and Adrian Russo, who then moved to Boston. Grayson grew up there, attending expensive private schools and learning the ways of the rich and fancy. Grayson was also very popular in school, and he became arrogant because of this.

Just before his fifteenth birthday, he was in a car crash with his adoptive parents, who were killed immediately. However, Grayson miraculously survived. This was also when he discovered that Catalina and Adrian had lied to him about being adopted, as he had been told they were his biological parents. Because of all of this, his arrogance was toned down quite a bit at the time.

Not wanting to be put into the foster system, Grayson quickly ran away to New York, using his luck to gain the money and supplies needed. This was where he found out he was the son of Tyche.

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