Hailee Kane
Daughter of Eurus
Bender of the East Breeze
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 14th of September 1845
Current age 15
Gender Female
Family Eurus- Father, Ms. Kane-Mother.
Status Alive
Eye Color Light Blue
Hair Color Light Blond/Silver
Height 5 ft 11"
Alias Ms. Eastwind
Affiliation Defenders, Camp Half-Blood and Eurus' cabin
Weapons Spear and Wind Connecting Throwing Stars
Species Demigod
Home Eurus' Cabin
Appearances N/A
Quests N/A


Hailee was raised by her mother, who loved her dearly and her stepfather, who was a low-key drug dealer in Malibu. She, herself got into the cooking part as a habit. At the age of 13, her mom packed up and took Hailee to Chicago. After a year of "Finding Herself" as a Chicago person, Hailee settled in. On her sixteenth birthday, she found a present on her bed. It was a box with a T-Shirt that said "Camp Half-Blood". She thought it was a stupid prank but saw the letter that read.

"Dearest Hailee. I realise I have never been "there" for you, but I was always with you, each and every day. I have grown to love you and have high hopes for you. With these you should know the next move, your sense of navigation is on point, like mine. Love Always, Dad."

Hailee saw the plane tickets. Two tickets to Manhattan. Hailee showed the letter to her mom. Hailee's mother, Sophie gathered all their stuff and ran out the door with Hailee in tow and hailed a cab to the airport. 

"You are in danger now" Sophie said and explained everything, but Hailee dosed off half-way through.

Hailee woke in a strange room. It was wooden, like a Cabin. She saw on the wall an inverted vase, pouring water down the walls. She sat up and saw a girl sitting at the end of the bed.

"I'm Emily. Emily Coolfield, Daughter of Apollo. And you are?" she asked politely and bubbly.

"Hailee. Daughter of... uhm" she said and Emily interjected "Eurus. God of the East Wind" she said with a smile.


Hailee adapted to camp life, she befriended two more people, Lucas Lyons, son of Aesclepius and Charlie St. Peterson, son of Mania. They hung out regularly and did activities together.

Hailee's first quest was to go out and find the sicile in which Kronos cut up his father. They faced Giants, snake-women and hellhounds. But after 3 weeks, managed to collect the sword from the bottom of the Williamette River in Oregon. It took them a while to figure out how to get it, but it was Hailee who used her powers to help her get to the deep river.



Hailee has become efficient in archery and always has a Composite bow and a set of arrows with her, she is very adept in projectile weapons. Her projectiles include:

  • Bow/Arrow.
  • Sling
  • Throwing Stars
  • Throwing Daggers

She is stealthy and very agile in close combat. She uses kukri blades in combat to fight and slash her enemies. She is swift like the wind and can heat the weapons. The blades are made from Stygian Iron and Imperial Gold. List of close combat weapons include:

  • Paralysis Inducing Darts
  • Daggers
  • kukri blades


Hailee has a range of different abilities that she has yet to master, including:

  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Combat
  • Levitation
  • Thermokinesis
  • Wind Manipulation

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