Hannah Langston

Hannah Langston is the daughter of Poseidon


Lived in Sycamore, Ohio with her mother and younger half-brother. In school she was the nerd despite the fact that she is Poseidon's daughter ( she was on the swim team though ). She was found as a demigod when she blew up the pool and a satyr took her and some other demigod to camp. She was claimed while swimming, she got in a fight with some other people and ended up blasting them with water then being claimed.


Hannah has brown hair with Aqua streaks in it. She has brown eyes and a small nose. She has gold hoops in her ears. She is about 5'4.


On the outside she's nice, but she's a whole different person on the inside. She is thought of as a goody-2-shoes by many people. and She likes to read and other stuff. She os never really understood by others. She is like a puzzle waiting to be finished.

Weapons and Powers

control over water- as a child of Posiedon, she can control water in many ways.

sword- she uses a sword once in a while, not her favorite but she is very good with it

dagger- her primary weapon. Her father gave her a Dagger made of essence of the Sea, the Moon, and Darkness. She has added the essence of Wisdom from Athena after proving herself worthy to the goddess.


Elemental Stones- part of the Moon Branch


She has friend but she isnt really that close to them in her mind. She is a good friend but does not trust easily. They have all gotten her trust except she thinks there not really friends.

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