2013 - Haunted Demigods has been nominated for the 2013 TEA 3!!!

Haunted Demigods

Haunted Demigods is an Original Idea. The Story is about a group of young demigods, all under surveillance as they can hear and sometimes see the spirits of fallen warriors. These Demigods have an advantage on the battlefield 

as the spirits form a mental link with the demigods and give them fighting hints.

The Demigods in this story are also at risk. If they rely fully on the help of the Spirits of the Greek Heroes like Achilles or Theseus, The Spirit, if the Demigod gets too overwhelmed could possess the Demigod.

Once a month, Chiron has the Demigods who have the ability to see dead Greek Heroes, come up to the Big House and given the Psyche exam by children of Mania, Mnemosyne and Apollo just to check their mental health and also has Nico di Angelo check their state of mind for signs of possession as he has a certain talent for possession. Nico helps to shield the Spirits to the best of his ability.
Perseus and medusa n lair


Chapter 1: The One Who See's: Theseus

Chapter 2: The One Who See's: Perseus

Chapter 3: The One Who See's: Heracules

Chapter 4: The One Who See's: Odysseus

Chapter 5: The One Who See's: Jason

Chapter 6: The One Who See's: Achilles

Chapter 7: The One Who See's: Bellerophon

Chapter 8: The One Who See: Orpheus

Chapter 9: The One Who See's: Helen of Troy

Chapter 10: The One Who See's: Atalanta

Chapter 11: The One Who See's: Triptolemus

Chapter 12The One Who See's: The Amazon Queen

Authors Note: I've been so pleased by the response Book 1 received! I'm glad you all like it so much. I know some of you are asking "Is there more?" "When is the next part?" etc. Book 2 is coming soon! So stay tuned! Thank you all. - Ers


Chapter 1: Jason is a Woman

Chapter 2: Helen's Workout Plan

Chapter 3: Away with the Birds

Chapter 4: 

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6:

Chapter 7:

Chapter 8:

Chapter 9:

Chapter 10:

Chapter 11:

Chapter 12:

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