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Hazel Hellen Castora
The unclaimed legacy
mother of Theseus Castora
Consort of Hephaestus
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 16/12/1984
Current age 27 - age of death
Gender female
Family Theo Castora (Son); Hephaestus (Consort);
Status Dead
Eye Color Hazel Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 6'7'
Alias Hazel
Affiliation none
Weapons a long sword
Species Legacy
Home unknown
Appearances None yet.
Quests None
Hazel Hellan Castora, is the mother of Theseus Castora, sister of John and Sally Castora godmother and auntie of Hellen Castora and consort of Hephaestus.


Early history:

She was born to her mother along with her triplet brother and sister - John and Sally Castora in 1984.

In 1995 she gave birth to Theseus Castora.

When she was twenty seven she died by the hands of Menoetius.


She has stawberry brown hair and hazel brown eyes. She usually wears jeans and a red top.


She never holds grudges, will help a friend in need and is extremely freindly. She will always repay depts.


  • Her favourite food is apples;
  • She loves reading;


  • Is a natural sword fighter


She usually weilds a steel long sword.


  • Running,
  • Sword fighting;
  • Speed,
  • Agility,
  • Hand to hand combat;


  • Distanced fighting;


Theseus Castora - She loved her son and stayed with him untill she died when he was six years old.

Hephaestus - She loved him with all her might.

Menoetius - Menoetius killed her mother.


She has arachnophobia.

Fatal Flaws

She cannot make choices and she holds grudges.


Independent stories:

None yet.

Collaboration stories:

None yet.


  • Her name is Hazel and she has hazel brown eyes

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