• Hannah
  • Nina
  • Thalia
  • Percy
  • Anabeth
  • Nico
  • Piper
  • Leo


  • Minos
  • Helen
  • Uranos


"Two will set out on a dangerous quest,

You will find one who has been lost from the rest,

Your enemy is the one who makes the sky his nest,

And one will give her gifts for what is best.”


I had to escape, I had to. But the Dracne had somehow taken away my magic. I ran tripping in my sandals, to the temple of Zues. But as soon as I got there, the monsters came over me, and I could feel myself dying. Then, somthing held me back."Hecate, Mother," I breathed. "Yes my daughter." she said. "You shall not die, not this this time. You will be reborn in another life, but you will not remember your past, at least not until the time is right. Keep my legacy alive!" I had only moments to ponder what she said, before the whole world went black.

Chapter 1

I ran away from home one day when I was six, because, my parents, umm... neglected me. I figured it would be no harder to to live on the streets then there, since they hardly act like I exist. Somehow, I survived, I had some close calls, but little miracles came along and things would happen... when I wanted them to. I still don't know how. Little did I know, one day in June, six years later, I was about to get all my explanations and more questions. So I was just eating breakfast (A bag of popcorn that some toddler dropped)when I saw what I thought was a small plane.When I looked closer, I realized that it was a chariot pulled by horses. Flying horses. In the chariot was there was a blond haired girl and a black haired boy who looked about sixteen. The way they were holding hands, I figured they were a couple. "Umm, who are you?" I asked. They told me to get on the chariot and they would explain on the way. They told me that I was the daughter of some Greek god or goddess. " Do you remember your parents?" the black haired guy asked, Percy, he said his name was. "Yeah. Kind of." I said." I remember my dad, but I think I had always had a stepmom, so I don't remember my real one," " Oh, we understand," said Percy " Most half bloods grow up with step parents." " Hey, what is your name?" " Hannah," I replied " Uhh, Hannah, Percy, we're here," I looked down on this amazing place I had ever seen!

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