Everyone, this is not Michael. This is Nico di Angelo. MICHAEL HAS BEEN CAPTURE BY KRONOS.

We're in grave danger. Look for Kronos' account, Iwillruletheuniversesomeday55

And he knows who you are. SallyPerson (Natalie from Athena) and Kiwi 1998 (Kyra from Apollo) are at Camp already.

The rest of you are in big trouble. He is taking over the wiki, rewriteing articles in his own victory.

WE HAVE TO SAVE THE WIKI. (Don't ask me how).

Iwillruletheuniversesomeday55 54:21 April 10, 2010.Contrariwise, I suggest you don't try.


Iwillruletheuniversesomeday55 45:34, April 9, 2010 Contrarwise, I suggest you don't try. [1]SallyPerson 23:48, April 9, 2010 Kronos, if you're reading this: You're a big dummy! We'll defeat you just like we did the other two times! You really think you can rise to power again?

[2]SallyPerson 23:49, April 9, 2010 Nico: Thanks for the ambrosia the other day! I need to get some more at the camp store....Dang it I have no money. Not even mortal money! Hey Kiwi, lend me a drachama?

Anonymous user 23:52, April 9, 2010 I will. 23:52, April 9, 2010 (UTC)

[3]SallyPerson 23:54, April 9, 2010 Yeah, well, I don't accept money from strangers. Who are you? Who is your parent? I don't think I've seen you around camp. Are you new?

[4]Hermione6720 23:56, April 9, 2010 (Psst. don't except the drachma from Kronos.)


[5]Kiwi 1998 00:35, April 10, 2010 Sure, here you go...*hands SallyPerson a drachma*Hey, "Anonymous User" what's Plan B? You can trust me! I was in love with Luke before he committed suicide.......*cries over Luke for the bajillionth time*

[6]SallyPerson 01:04, April 10, 2010 Oh, don't cry Kyra...Anyways, he was too old for

[7]SallyPerson 01:04, April 10, 2010 thanks for the drachama by the way! XD

[8]Kiwi 1998 01:52, April 10, 2010 I know he was too old. Like I care. XD You're welcome! XD

[9]Jukyter 07:46, April 10, 2010 Oh dear. Kronos just emailed me. To: thaliason@camphalfblood.gis From: universeruler@titans.gis Thalia Son, I do not know who you are. But tell your precious wikia: I WILL HACK INTO AN ADMIN ACCOUNT AND BAN EVERYONE! Love and apples, Kronos

[10]Hermione6720 16:52, April 10, 2010 OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[11]SallyPerson 17:21, April 10, 2010 : I will consult the Oracle!!!

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