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2013 - Heroes has been nominated for the 2013 TEA 3!!!


"Extreme Awards Winner"
The Twelve Olympians have given you the Best Crossover Story Award for the 2013 Extreme Awards. Extremely Fantastic!


Heroes is a collaboration project created by ExtremeSSJ4 and Hermione6720.


Coming soon...

List of Characters

The Team

Other Characters

Chapter List

Title Written by Published Date Chapter Number
"Prologue" ExtremeSSJ4 August 8, 2012 01
The Greek Gods meet a small group of Heroes from a completely different world. In their world they are known as the Justice League of America and now that they have arrived to the world of the gods, the Olympians have come up with a plan.
"The First Recruit" ExtremeSSJ4 August 8, 2012 02
A young demigod travels around California enjoying the free time he has and simply having fun but it all may be interrupted by a certain virgin goddess.
"Drifting" Hermione6720 August 10, 2012 03
A nuclear experiment gone wrong sets the stage for a young outcasts rise from obscurity...
"TBA" Bladewood TBA 04
Coming soon...
"TBA" DaughterofTerpsichore TBA 05
Coming soon...
"TBA" Ersason219 TBA 06
Coming soon...
"TBA" ExtremeSSJ4 TBA 07
Coming soon...
"TBA" Hermione6720 TBA 08
Coming soon...
"TBA" Bladewood TBA 09
Coming soon...
"TBA" DaughterofTerpsichore TBA 10
Coming soon...
"TBA" Ersason219 TBA 11
Coming soon...

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