Thomas stood quietly on the beach, observing the equally calm and quiet sea. The water lapped at his barefeet, but Thomas didn't mind. In fact, he relished it. He had always felt better when he was near the sea. He had never felt comfortable among other demigods, even among mortals. It had always been the fish that had understood him. A dilemma further complicated when he had been claimed by Athena instead of the assumed Poseiden.

Eeeeeeeeee...Thomas clutched his ears as a strange high pitched noise filled his ears. While Thomas had been distracted, a military-style jet labeled with a telltale X had descended above the ocean in the distance. Judging by the shape of the plane, Thomas could tell it was a prototype. He could also tell that they were about to drop a dangerous explosive on thousands of marine species. Without a second thought, Thomas dove into the surf and swam at his abnormally fast speed to the scene.

As fast as he was though, Thomas still arrived a second after they had dropped the bomb. His mind quickly working a strategy, About ten seconds till collision he thought and cursed. Luckily, his plan went into action smoothly as a large wave hit the explosive. It flew towards a whale Thomas had summoned, who hit the dangerous item with its tail and it flew back up at the plane. Thomas watched, satisfied, from the water as teh bomb exploded in midair, causing the plane to swerve out of control for a few minutes, before regaining its control and flying away.

Feeling very pleased with himself, Thomas climbed back onto the beach and began to dry himself off. "You didn't solve anything you know," said a voice behind him.

Thomas rolled his eyes and turned, coming face to face with Athena. "They will come back with a failsafe," she continued, "And Exforce Industries has been working on that bomb for nearly a decade."

Thomas bristled. "They were going to kill thousands of fish. I'd say my actions were warranted."

"You cannot know how much you have just complicated things for me." Athena sighed.

"I assume you didn't just come to chastise me?" Thomas said and raised an eyebrow.

Athena smiled. "No, my son. I have come to you for an entirely different reason. Follow me."

Thomas started to say something but bit his tongue, caging the bitter remark. He didn't have much of a choice. So Thomas Curry turned, and followed Athena up the cliff.

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