This is my first fanfic so.....

Chapter 1-Questions.....No Answers! [That make sense at least.]

You know what ruins your day real fast? Being attacked by a mythical creature you didn't think was real.

And guess what? It happened to me.

I sat alone, the other students clumped together, talking and eating their lunch. I didn't care though, being alone is normal for me. My only friend, Pine came over with a slight limp. He limped pretty much all the time. When I had asked why, he said it had been hurt on the farm.

Yeah, he lives and works on a farm, though he doesn't ever offer to take me....

Anyway, he came over and sat on the stump with me. "Hey Amber, you ok?"

I nodded softly and handed him one of my sandwichs. He ate like crazy, and the farm could only feed him so much, so he inhaled it in like a second. "Thanks." he said at last.

All of a sudden I hear a hissing behind me when Pine pushes me away then dives after me. I look up to see a gold and bronze lizard. It's basicly a dragon without wings.

Pine whimpers, "Drakon." and throws a small notebook, the kind that can fit in your pocket, at me. He then whips out some reed pipes and starts playing. I stare at him for a second then shriek, "What does a freaking notebook do to stop a freaking drakon?!?!"

He pauses playing for a second and yells back, "Open it!!"

I hesitate, but this is Pine. I open in and instended of a notebook, a already loaded bow is in my hands. The drakon turns to me and I notice the arrow tip isn't any kind of metal I have ever seen before. The drakon charges and without thinking I let go of the arrow.

I've never shot once before, but the arrow hits the darkon in eye and is dissapers, leaving dust all over me.

"Wow. That was awesome!" Pine yells. I'm still panting and adreniline is starting to stop flowing. Another growl is coming nearer from the forest. Pine and I exchange glances and start running.

My school is on Long Island, so I 'm surprised when Pine starts heading for the tip of Long Island. I mean, it's just going to get us trapped!\

Suddenly, Pine vered to the right and ran up a hill, straight past a pine tree. Wait, was that a dragon?! He stopped and puked from running too much and too far. I sighed softly and leapt back in fright as a thing yowled angrily.

A monster stood on the other side of the pine tree, her fangs flashing and bronze leg clanging. I watched in confusion and realized, she couldn't get past the pine tree. But how?

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