Back Story:

People of Hippolyta's bloodline are her descendants. This bloodline is more special than others because the ichor that originally existed in Hippolyta's did not dilute itself in the mortal blood through the generations, thus because of this legacies of this bloodline are stronger than other legacies.

However the Olympians, fearing this bloodline to be too powerful for their own good, cursed this bloodline with infertility, they can have little to no children, the maximum number of children they can have is two.

Most of of the members of this legacy became protectors and warriors to great kings and queens and some even the great servants of the gods.



The blood of this bloodline, because of the ichor that still exist in their blood, is a brighter shade of red rather than the normal blood-red of mortal blood.

Another trait shown by all the male members of this bloodline is the cold focused eyes that nearly all of them have.


Clear-Sight: All members of this bloodline have the ability to see through the mist completely.

Blessing of Hippolyta:

One person from each generation will inherit Hippolyta's mastery of weapons and natural physical prowess.

Notable people with this blessing:

Christopher Alexander Fauns

James Gabriel Fauns

Nina Clarissa Fauns

Notable Members:


Christopher Alexander Fauns

James Gabriel Fauns

Christopher Jayce Fauns

Nina Clarissa Fauns

Light? Or Darkness? A bit of both perhaps? 14:04, June 24, 2012 (UTC)

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