Holly as a Yahoo! Avatar.


Holly as a teen.

Holly L

Holly at about 3 years old.

Holly Renee Larson (born January 17, 2010) is a quarter-blood.

Nine Months

Holly is born at the end, along with her triplets Natalie and Ethan.

Nick loves her and her siblings, despite the fact that they aren't biologically his children.


Holly is a Caucasian female. She has light skin, blonde hair and light brown eyes. Though she has her father's blonde hair, she has her mother's everything else.


Holly is a very sweet little girl. She's playful, but can be a little shy at times. As a teen, Holly dresses punk-ish but isn't really much of a punk (a bit like Demi Lovato). She is brave and can be a little grumpy sometimes, a lot like her maternal grandmother. She's lazy, a bit sloppy, and clumsy. One of her quirks is always pulling her hair into a ponytail; it keeps it out of her eyes and lets her think. She has ADD, dyslexia, and minor OCD. She's sometimes flirty, like her parents.

Known Family

Larson family tree

  • April Larson (Mother)
  • Nick Larson (Father)
  • Stefan Griffin (Biological father)
  • Natalie Larson (Sister)
  • Ethan Larson (Brother)
  • Ashleigh Larson (Sister)
  • Artemis (Maternal grandmother)
  • Barry Wilson (Maternal grandfather)
  • Beth Larson (Paternal grandmother)
  • Hermes (Paternal grandfather)
  • Apollo (Biological paternal grandfather)

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