The Holy War series was a fanfiction series that takes place after the Last Olympian and signs a change in the allegiance of many of the Olympian Gods, as was originally feared with Athena has finally come to pass as the Goddess of Strategic Warfare finally overthrows Zeus and decides to rule the Universe with superior Knowledge, however both Hades and Poseidon awaken into their pre-Olympian forms and prepare to fight against Athena to avenge their baby brother's death at their niece's hands.

Athena meanwhile fears the rumors of having a Secret Half-Brother who could replace Zeus as the God of the Sky and Heavens, Athena begins a man-hunt for this secret Half-Brother not knowing that he has been promised to Hades due to Hera's hatred for almost all of Zeus' children not born from her, and she may become Athena's greatest ally or greatest enemy yet.

Meanwhile, with Poseidon and Hades once again taking on the appearance not seen since the end of the First Titanomachy, what way will the future Hold?



"True Olympians" faction

  • Athena
  • Ares

Olympian Rebels

Neutral Characters

  • Prometheus
  • Chiron
  • Dionysus



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