Hope is a young girl and is the guardian of Pandora's Box.


Hope has black hair with light gold highlights. Her eyes are brown. She is short for her age and has a small build. She wear a white mini-dress with a black belt and a brown jacket. She has a silver locket with a picture of her parents. Her hair is often tied back with an orange bandanna.


Hope is timid and frail. She barely ever raises her voice and remains quiet. She is interested in mythology, but is quite scared of the thought of those myths being true. Hope had a deep belief in destiny prior to her being a guardian. Despite her initial reactions, she stands up for what she believes is right and strives to be more brave.


Prior to her birth, the gods discovered the spirits of Pandora's Box, that were released centuries ago, were gaining power. When they realized that these spirits had the power to steal demigod powers, they chose to use a mortal. This mortal would be one of the first guardians of Pandora's Box. On this same day, Hope was born near Long Island. On her thirteen birthday, this guardian died, and Hope was given the box to capture all the spirits. This same day, she discovered her gift to see through the mist and faced her first monster. Confused and scared, she fled and ran off, finding her way to Camp Half-Blood. Here, she was saved by the Demi-gods and discovered her role as the Guardian of Pandora's Box. She protests and anbandons the box in Chiron's care. Only a few minutes after, the box unleashed energy that made the barrier around the camp weaken and monster stronger and more savage. Against her fears, she ran back to the box. When she grabbed it, the energy subsided and realized that only she could guard the box. Despite her intial fear, she accepts her fate and chooses to guard Pandora's Box. Upon accepting her birthright, she recieves the blessing of the gods. However, because her cowardly outburst from earlier, only four gods would bless her at the time. This gods being, Artemis, Athena, Aphrodite and Hestia. Hope is currently training to be a truly strong guardian and gain the blessing of the other gods of Olympus.

Powers and Abilities

Blessing of the Gods: One by one the gods must bless her with power to defend Pandora's box. Currently, only four have done so.

  • Athena: Hope is a master of battle strategy and is incredibly smart.
  • Artemis: She is a skilled marksman and hunter.
  • Aphrodite: Hope can charmspeak and is found quite attractive.
  • Hestia: She can summon suplies and teleport, but only back home.

Fatal Flaw

Hope has little confidence in herself. The more she doubts herself, the weaker her powers become. For this reason, monsters tend to get the upper hand fairly easily.

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