Well Percy Jackson was in Wal-Mart then meets Harry Potter! By Tacomania99 19:16, April 17, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter One

Percy's POV

"Where's the chocolate?" I yelled.

"Hello. Can I help you?" Max Noseworthy, manager of Wal-Mart, asked.

"Yes. Where do you keep your dang chocolate?" I yell. "My girlfriend, Annabeth, wants chocolate."

Right over here." He pointed out a long isle.

I walked over to the isle.

Harry's POV

"Ginny needs some chocolate. Ginny needs some chocolate. Excuse me where's your chocolate isle."

"Right this way young man." Some guy said pointing to the isle.

I walked to the isle and saw a man walking to the chocolate. When he saw me I ran. And it was the last box!

Chapter Two

"Don't you dare take this chocolate." Percy yelled.

"It's mine." Harry yelled.

"Annabeth needs this chocolate." Percy yelled.

"Ginny needs it more." Harry yelled back.

"Wait a minute. Your Harry Potter."

"And your Percy Jackson."

"Well now. Why are you in Canada?" Percy asked.

"Why are you?" He snapped.

Chapter Three

"Oh it's on." Percy yells opening a bottle of water.

"It's been on." Harry yelled grabbing his wand.

"Hiya." They both yelled.

"Got it." An old lady yelled running with the last box of chocolate.

"NOOOOO!" They yelled.

"Yeah wanna chase her?" Harry asked.

"Nah. I want pizza before Annabeth kills me." Percy answered.

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