Hunteria is the Daughter of Pallas, God of Warcraft and Khione, Goddess of the Snow. After being born, Pallas brought his newborn daughter to Hera to ask for the child to become immortal. Hera, being the Goddess for Family, along with her sister Demeter granted the baby immortality.

As Hunteria grew up, she had a fixation with skiing and snowboarding down the Alps, The Himalayas etc. She could conjure snow like her mother but at a lesser extent. She could fight astonishingly well, as her father wanted.

Zeus found out another child had been granted immortality and decided he would make the child a goddess. Zeus had words with both Khione and Pallas as well as Boreas, being the childs maternal grandfather. They all agreed so she could have her own demain to rule. Zeus, in the form of Pallas, went to see Hunteria and asked if she would like to become a goddess. She, after much speculation, said yes.

Hunteria is now the Goddess of Skiing, Spear Hunting and Snowboarding. Which she loves. Her Norse Counterpart is Skaoi.


Mother- Khione, Goddess of the Snow and Ice

Mother of Hunteria- Khione

Father- Pallas, God of Warcraft

Step-mother- Styx, the Spirit of the River Styx of the Underworld.

Brother- Kratos, God of Strength and Power

Brother- Zelus, god of Jealousy and rivalry

Sister- Nike, Goddess of Victory

Sister- Bia, Goddess of Force

Maternal Grandfather- Boreas, God of the North Wind

Maternal Grandmother- Orithyia, Princess of Athens

Paternal Grandfather- Crius, Titan of Intelligence

Paternal Grandmother- Eurybia, Titaness of Water

Great Grandmother (Paternal)- Gaia, Earth Mother, goddess of the Earth

Great Grandfather (Paternal)- Pontos- Pre-Olympian God of the Sea

Great Grandfather (Paternal)- Uranus, Primordial God of the Heavens.

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