Ice Damian Black (born October 13th, 2001) is a demigod son of Erebus.

Darkness Rising

He is the main character. His only friend is a football linebacker named James. At the beginning, he and James are attacked by an empousa.

His mom then explains everything but which god his father is and drives Ice and James to Camp Half-Blood.

There, he is claimed by Erebus.

Later, when James gets assigned a quest, Ice receives Achilles, James's pet baby dragon.

Then Ice becomes Camp Half-Bloods spy.


He has midnight black hair, icy blue eyes, and Caucasian skin. He is 5'7 and weighs 120 pounds.


He is Goth and a loner, having only one friend. The only person he truly cares for is his mum. The thing he hates the most is light.

Theme Songs

  • Gravity Hurts - Cryoshell
  • Closer To The Truth - Cryoshell
  • Face Me - Edsim & Mahlta
  • High School Never Ends - Bowling for Soup


  • Jessie Black (Mother)
  • Erebus (Father)


  • He will always be a v*r*in!

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