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PG-13. Please contact me on my talk page if you have ideas! Thanks! Part one

I love nature! I don't know why I just do! I take long walks in the California forests tracking animals. Today I was tracking a rabbit. I came to a clearing and listened. A sniffling sound came from the trees ahead. I steeped in to the trees. There was the biggest dog I had ever seen! It was jet black and had huge claws. I slowly backed up it raised it's huge snout and gave a howl. I turned and ran back through the forest branches hit my face. I got back to my house and burst in the back door. "MOM!" I yelled, "There's a huge dog in the forest, it's compeletly black with giant claws!" My mother smiled sadly at me. "I knew this day would come." she said. "Hurry your going to camp." I groned inwardly I hated camp. I love nature hate camp. "Get packed." I ran up to my room found my old hiking backpack and shoved in four changes of cloths, a flashlight, and my laptop computer. I started down the stairs my mom was no where in site so I called "mom?"

"Over here." I walked to the basement stairs my mom was standing there. "Come with me." she begain to walk down stairs. I followed close behind. she stepped in to the almost finshed room in the basement. she walked to the wall with a slight indent and pushed the wall swung open and to my suprise. There a boy and a girl. Right there. In my house.

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