Monty Python Tries To Kill Us

"How'd you escape?" was my first question.

"I had a little help..." Max responded. "Since you were so keen to take Josh back, I decided that Liquid Fire needed a new demonic pet. I believe you may have met him..."

The giant fire-breathing rabbit stepped up behind him and spoke. "Masserl." I have no idea if it was saying Master or Maxwell. Either way, it was clear who the new demonic pet was.

The rabbit may have roughed up some of us a little, but it still didn't deserve to be trapped like this. Perhaps if we managed to beat Maxwell, his control on the rabbit would wither and it could get away...

"Monty, strike the girl on the right first," Maxwell pointed at me. "She has power from Nike, and as long as she fights, they have the advantage."

That bit freaked me out, but Desmond felt the need to question something else: "You named the rabbit Monty? Like, as in, Monty Python?"

"Home of the original vicious, deadly rabbit," Maxwell said solemnly. Monty shot a burst of fire toward Emma, as if to prove the point.

I drew Unbreakable Fire, and saw the others raising their own weapons. Monty suddenly remembered his orders and completely engulfed me in fire as I ran at Maxwell.

Josh and Jack were distracting Monty while Desmond led Emma out of the fight so she could recover from her burns. JT was running up beside me to attack Maxwell when JT noticed something.

"Kamwetz, you're on fire," he pointed out.

Right. Monty had gotten me completely covered in flames, but it didn't hurt. It felt... warm. Comforting. Like the flames of the goddess who gave me my sword.

When Max felt them, he clearly didn't find the flames so comforting. He started screaming for a few seconds before shouting "Monty!"

Monty left Josh and Jack and came to Max's side. Max used his Aeolus powers to dissolve into the wind, taking Monty with him. Monty gave me a look of pure begging before he vanished.

Monty was in this against his will.

We had to save him from Liquid Fire.

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