Emma Halman


A Visit From Mom

Stupid rabbit. I couldn't control water or the ground now. Well, at least it didn't take my soul. I sat down, now it was kinda safe with the rabbit gone. "What are we going to do know? If I still had my powers, I could have the land come up here and we could get to the ground, but the stubid bunny touched me. I know never want to see a rabbit again."

"Okay, what we need to do is.... I have no idea. Anyone else have one?"


"Absoloutly not."

"Uuh... no."


"Not even close."

"Great. I wonder if you get your powers back, Emma."

"Unless we get to the ground, we can't. I heal of all things when I'm on the ground. That's why I'm never sick or have cuts and bruises."

"Okay. Let's just relax for a little bit. I have a feeling we'll be here for a while."

"Agreed." We all layed down to rest.

Hello, Emma. I looked around me. I was in a different cave. Just then I realised this was a dream.

"Who are you?" I drew Miracle and looked around me even more. Wouldn't a girl know her own mother?

"What do you want, Gaia? I thought I sentenced you to Tartarus last year!"

You did. Youd did exile me. But I'm back now. I wish you luck on your mission.

"You're here to get rid of us! You're with Liquid Fire!"

Fine, you got me. But you cannot stop me. I wish you luck defeating me. You'll need it. I woke up with a jump. Why would Gaia want to help me? I stayed awake the rest of the night, scared to go back there, scared about not surviving.

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