A Heart Warming Moment

I sat at the entrance to the cave, staring down at the forest as the cave floated threw the could this happen? It was physically impossible!

I glanced over at Maxwell, we had tied him up incase he woke up and stripped him of all his weapons and all his hidden daggers in his sleeve, pockets and shoes.

He was still uncoinscious from his little fight with Desmond, his face was almost all swollen and black and blue and all i got to say about it is that i wouldn't want to get Desmond angry or annoyed, i pulled out the remains of my bow from my pocket, stupid JT, why did he have to lose his cool and wreck my stuff!

I scoled myself....JT was family, my cousin, and i was worried about him and Josh...I hope that they are all right.

"Jack?" I turned and saw Emma, wide awake...she looked like she just saw a ghost "Whats wrong Emma? Why are you awake?" She sat next to me and i noticed how white her skin is...she must have had a real bad nightmare.

"I...I had a dream....about my mother" I sighed, i had read the report on Emma, she had banished her own mother to Tarturus....Not that i was sad, i mean her mother was evil.

"What did she say?" I asked her and she hugged herself, wow...i had never seen her this scared.before "She's...she's working with Liquid Fire" I let that sink in....the most dangerous Protogenoi in the world is now working for our enemies......plot twist much?

I put my hand around Emma "Its ok...we're in the air, she can't hurt us when we're up here" She started to cry "But....what will happen when we get back on the ground....what if....what if Gaia already got Josh and JT!" "Believe me, JT won't be captured that easily, he's as slippery as a snake...literally, and Josh may not have his powers but he's resourceful, he won't let anyone get him....not even the Goddess of the Earth" She smiled up at me warmly "Thanks Jack" I smiled back "No problem"

Suddenly the ground beneath us started to shake, i held onto one of the rocks to balance myself and Emma held onto my arm, i looked down and relised the cave was falling high speed!

I grabbed Emma's hand and jumped out of the cave, my powers had returned a bit since the rabbit had touched me, i held onto Emma as we slowly floated downwards towards the ground, Emma looked down frightfully as we fell down then back at the cave "What about the others?!" "No time!" At that moment i slammed into one of the trees and gasped as one of the spikes impaled me threw the back, the point sticking out of my stomach.

"Jack!!" Emma screamed as everything slowly went black....was i dead?

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