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Jack's Story

(N/A: this takes place after The Last Olympian, but in the story Beckendorf, Silena, Michael and Luke never died)

Ch. 1

Jack's POV

I was walking down the street one day with my friends Tom and Sarah (they were also my step brother and sister), when all of the sudden we were attacked by 3 monsters and a pale, blonde haired guy. Foolishly being the hot head I was, I attacked him, I pulled some moves on him from that Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey Jr. however he then got up and pulled a sword on me. I gave, I may be a hothead but I'm not that stupid.

"Who are you and what do you want from me and my family?" I said (I was kind of the guardian in my family)

"My name's Luke and my friends are just here to talk to you." he said

"Put away the sword, then we'll talk." i said, so he did and we talked.

"I'm here to offer you a proposition, you and your siblings are 'special'." he said

"What do you mean by that?" I asked

"You guys got ADHD and Dyslexia?” we all nodded, "yeah, that's because your demigods."

I burst out laughing, "Demigods are you serious, what are children of Zeus or something?" I said sarcastically

Actually your brother is a son Apollo, your sister is Athena's child and you are a son of Hephaestus."

I dropped down with astonishment, "you're serious, well that explains my A+ in metal working, Tom's A+ in band and chorus and Sarah's A+ in art" I said.

Luke sat down next to me and said "ya, ever wonder why none of you none of you met your bio parent's?"

"my mom abandoned me when I was 4" tom said, "she said that my dad died, Sarah went through the same thing"

"I've seen my Dad every single birthday I've ever had" i said, "my mom's a great gal, she took in Tom and Sarah, she works from 9-5 so me and my brother and sister can go to school. And what gives YOU the Right to say our god parents don't care, they're gods they're gonna be busy."

"Jack, Jack, Jack, I'm disappointed to hear this, you would've made a fine addition to our team." Luke said, "Well I just hope your siblings will be more cooperative."

"no way man, our brother has protected ever since we met him" tom said, "i don't know if the gods love but I know our brother does and i trust we trust him with our fate." i was truly touched by what they said.

"Well than, boy's head into the house burn everything" Luke said. The monsters went into their truck and got 2 gallons of gas each; they really were gonna burn the house down.

"You Son of-!" I started, I didn't get to finish that sentence cause Luke knocked me in the gut with the but his sword.

When I awoke I was in a room lit by the sunlight with my brother and sister and some black haired guy with sea green eyes.

"Hi", he said, offering me his hand, "Percy Jackson, Son of Poseidon and your family’s official protector." I took his hand sat upon the cot I was laying in. I looked down and noticed I had a huge bloody gash in chest that was bandaged up pretty well.

"it could've been worse" Jackson said, "if not for your brother that is, he's a fine healer for a guy who only found out that he's a Son of Apollo 3 days ago."

"What The Heck happened Tom?” I asked.

"That guy Luke killed our mom and burned our house down." Tom said. I said a silent curse for Luke.

I stood up, and collected my stuff and said "look thanks for fixing me up Percy, but me and my family got it from here"

"Stay down son", called out a familiar voice, "you need your rest.” Recognized the man when he walked it was my dad.

"Lord Hephaestus", Percy said, bowing respectively.

"Hello Percy", my father said, "son you and your family need stay here, this is a safe place for Demigods."

"Alright father", I said.

"Good man," my father said, "i have few gifts for the 3 of you", he leaned over and looked into his bag and pulled out 3 pendants, one written in Egyptian, another in Chipewwa (N/A: i was originally gonna have it in hebrew but i think a native american language is more interesting) and one in Arabic. He handed me the Egyptian one "Desert wind" he called, he handed Tom the Chipewwa one "Divine shot" he called and then finally he handed Sarah the Arabic one *Fate's blow* he signed (yeah that's right Hephaestus can and no Sarah's not deaf, she's just mute).

"These weapons will reveal themselves to you when you wish it," Father Said, "they are fused to your very Essence it will never work for anyone else."

"Thanks dad" I said.

"*thank you sir*" Tom and Sarah said/signed

"You’re welcome children", father said, "Jackson, always a pleasure sir".

"I as well my lord" Percy responded. They shook hands and Dad left.

"Alright rest up Jack", Percy said.

"Will do man", I said

"C’mon Tom, c'mon Sarah, time to meet your cabin buddies" Percy said leaving with my siblings. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

Ch. 2

Percy's POV

Me, Sarah and Tom left the infirmary. We walked over to the Apollo cabin.

"Hey mike" I said.

"Sup?" he said.

"We got a new recruit for ya" I said.

He looked at Tom, "what's your name kid?" Mike said.

"My name is Thomas Jefferson Allen-Rucker" Tom said, "Everyone just calls me Tom though"

"Welcome to the Apollo cabin, kid" Mike said, Shaking Tom's hand, "c'mon in."

Well that was easy I thought.

"Have fun tom" I said, "alright Sarah time to meet Annabeth.

Sarah's POV

i was walking with Percy to Athena cabin. When a thought came to me.

"Hey Percy, who's Annebeth?" I asked.

"She’s my Girlfriend." Percy said bluntly, "hey wait a minute i thought you were Mute?"

"Okay I'm not, just don't tell my Brothers." i said.

"Okay" He said.

When we got to the Athena cabin, Percy looked around, for his Girl i assumed.

"Hey Percy" some Gray eyed guy said.

"Hey Malcolm", Percy said, "hey where's Annebeth we got a new Athena camper here."

"She's not here right now. So what's your name Sweetie" he said kneeling down to me.

"My name is Sarah Jane-Rucker." I said.

"Welcome to the Athena Cabin." Malcolm Said.

"Have fun Sarah" Percy called as he ran back to the infirmary.

Jack's POV

I couldn't sleep so I borrowed a guitar from a guy in the Apollo cabin and wrote some music, when Percy walked in. it seemed like something was bugging so I asked him what's wrong, he said nothing.

So I said "do you know that Luke guy at all?"

"yes I do all too well, man" he said "he was my friend, when I first came her back when i was 12 and after my first quest he told me he was a servant of Kronos and then he tried to kill me."

"That sucks" i said.

"Tell me about it" he said.

"So what do you think about the song?" I asked trying to get of the subject of Betrayal.

"It’s good, what's it called?" he responded

"I'm calling it 'you should've when you could've" i said.

"What’s it about?" he asked.

"It’s about an Ex-girlfriend I had; I'm just saying I'm done with you, girl. I'm tired of you deserting me. And your gonna miss my love girl." I said.

"Nice" Percy said. "Hey man it's almost dinner, you think you can walk?" Percy asked.

"Yeah I can manage" I said.

I grabbed a battle axe and used it as crutch (I put the my shoulder between the blades)

When we got to the pavilion Percy introduced me saying "hey everyone, this here is Jackson Daniel Rucker, the first half-blood outside our midst to willingly refuse Luke's offer, so pay him respect!"

"Hi" I said.

A guy about my build, with thick black hair like mine and a slightly pale complecation also like me, approached me saying "Jackson Daniel Rucker? I'm Charles Beckendorf head of the Hephaestus cabin; it's gonna be great having with ya us."

"It’s gonna be great getting to know ya, I guess." I said.

We ate some kinda bread and meat and were given whatever the heck we wanted to drink, it was good stuff actually.

After dinner I headed back to infirmary, I needed stay there for few more days, however once my wounds healed things got real interesting.

Ch. 3

Jack's POV

I was in the infirmary for a couple more days, when they finally gave me a clean bill of health so they let move into the Hephaestus cabin. the cabin on the outside looked pretty much like any other, however the inside had steal bunk beds, a hollow dirt floor, a big stone forge, weapons rack with everyone’s names on it, a couple of toolboxes and a few futons.

"So," I said looking at the beds, "which one's mine?"

"The futon on the left." one guy said.

"Cool" I said. I set my backpack on the futon. I'd been carrying the axe I used as a crutch on my shoulder, so I went over to the tool table and grabbed a powerdril and drilled a hole in one of the blades, and then I grabbed a rope and tied it to the blade and the hole at the end of the pole. I started carrying the axe around. I went over to the battle grounds, and had a look around, scouting out an opponent, when some angry chick from the Ares cabin came over challenged me to a fight.

"Lady what the heck is your problem?" I said.

"Are you a chicken?" she said

"No," I said, with chuckle, "I'll fight you; I'm just asking why you’re so angry?"

"None of your business, now get up and fight." she yelled

"Okay" I said, so I got off the bench I was sitting on, put on some Armor and grabbed the axe and the grumpy gal grabbed a spear.

She tried to make a jab at my left side; I struck the spear down with my axe. I tried to strike at her helmet but she blocked it with a shield. Actually she hooked the axe with her shield and knocked it out of my hands. So the next thing I did is what I do best... Box. I jabbed at her with my right fist, it shook her up (coach always said I had hook so hard I could bruise a guy through a suit of Armor, turns out he was partly right, hehehe), then I grabbed the spear and snapped it in two. That pissed her off real good (well it pissed her off more than she already was), so she pulled out a short sword on me, I danced around her for a bit thinking up a way to beat her, than I thought "I'll grab the shield and pull it behind her back". So I did that and she actually dropped the shield (it was center handle without a strap), I then grabbed the shield and started banging her with it (no pun intended). That didn't work for very long, she knocked the shield out my hands and so then I was on the ropes literally. She had a sword point when I thought of the pendent dad gave me; I reached into my pocket and the next thing I knew it turned into a 3-foot long sickle sword. the next thing I knew it was a full on sword fight with the two of us slashing at each, then I grabbed her sword and made a cut at her leg, it must've hurt pretty bad cause she fell over and started shouting and swearing at me... I guess I won that fight. I guess I got a bit cocky after that cause the next thing I said was directed towards the Ares cabin, which was:

"I've taken out your leader, so if you got a bone to pick the Hephaestus cabin, you come to me I'll sort it for you. Now GO!!!” yeah I was high on the thrill of victory. 10 seconds later I regained composure and said "yeah sorry about that guys, I'm high on victory right now. If you got a bone to pick with the Hephaestus cabin just talk to me I'll sort it out... peacefully of course."

I turned around and saw that angry chick was still bleeding and was passed out. Immediately I cut of my sleeve and wrapped the fabric around her leg and hoisted her on my shoulders and said "if you'll excuse me I'm gonna take my friend here over to the infirmary.” And so I did just that, when she woke 2 hours later she was real angry (about 2 notches above her usual anger level).

"Where the heck am I?" she yelled.

"Clarisse" Chiron said, "You’re in the infirmary, your opponent brought you here, he even bandaged your wound on the battle grounds himself."

"Hi" I said.

"You’re the one who fixed me up?" Clarisse said.

"Yep" I said, after that she started acting nice.

"I think we got off on the wrong foot, I'm Clarisse" she said shaking my hand.

"I'm Jack" I said.

"Thanks for fixing me up.", she said. "You got a good hook."

"Thanks and your welcome" I said.

After this experience the Ares and Hephaestus cabins were tighter than bow strings.

Ch. 4

Jack's POV

A few weeks later I took a gal named Silena Bueregaurd from the Aphrodite cabin on a date, we were escorted by Argus the guy in charge of security at camp. We went to real fancy restaurant on Staten Island. And just our luck Jerry Seinfeld of all people was doing stand up at the restaurant (he was good). After a while we started talking about our lives before we found out who we were.

"So I'm about walk out to the ring, when I trip on my shoes, my jerk off gym teacher had tied the laces together. So I said to myself 'screw this', so I took off my Boxing Boots and put on my Sketchers, and ya know what?” I said to her.

"What?" she said laughing.

"I kicked that guys rear-end out the ring 2 rounds" I said.

"WOW!" she exclaimed

"Yeah, so from then I only Boxed with my Sketchers" I said proudly.

"Cool." she said, "ya know that reminds of this fashion show I did once and this gal put bubble gum all over this one models shoes so I gave her my French slacks and she looked better wearing them than I did, and she was a mortal."

"Nice" I said. We had great time but I really didn't feel any sparks or anything like that. But I kept my mouth shut, because I didn't want to hurt her. So when we got to camp, I walked Silena to her cabin, when I finally I broke it to her.

I sighed, "Silena, listen I had fun with you tonight and your great gal and all it's just that" I started, "I'm really not that into you, I'm sorry". Then she looked me kinda funny.

Silena's POV

When said that I just thought to myself "OMG, that is such a relief!", however what i said was "Jack I'm glad you said that cause those are my thoughts exactly."

"Really?" he said

"Yeah," I said "and I'm glad you said it the way you did you're a good guy."

"He is" I thought

"Well at the risk of sounding corny," he started, "can we still be friends?"

"Totally" I said. He then kissed on the cheek, I could tell he did it as a friend and if he didn't I would've kicked in his you-who. He walked over to the Hephaestus cabin, while undoing his tie. I walked into my room, got into my PJ's and went to bed.

Ch. 5

Jack's POV

The next day was a Saturday so campers to mix at meals. So I thought I'd keep Percy some company, but than I noticed Annebeth was sitting with him and they were staying at each other with such passion.

"Two’s a romance, three's an awkward crowd" I thought, so let them be.

So I sat at the Ares table with Beckendorf and Clarisse. They both looked at me weird kinda, I was getting a bit mad about it so I finally asked "what?!"

"How was your date last night?" Clarisse asked.

"It was fun, it didn't go anywhere. But thanks for asking." I said.

"Hey man, you got any advice for a brother?" Beckendorf asked, sheepishly I might add

"Sorry man, me and her only dated for one day" I said.

"ehh, that's okay" he said.

"So what are the Dite's like" Clarisse said, referring to the Aphrodite kids.

"Claire," I said (yeah I got a nickname for her), "they're not a separate race, look at like just another clique, see some of the folks there are nice and some are just as shallow as a pot-hole on a rainy day. We’re all just people the way i see it."

"Man, your cool." said Clarisse and Beckendorf.

"Thanks guys" I said, "hey I got list of songs we can sing at the bonfire tonight, tell me what ya think."

"Let’s hear 'em" Claire said and Beck nodded (that's my nickname for Beckendorf).

"okay I've narrowed it down 4 songs so far, 'alright' by Darius Rucker (N/A: yeah that's where I got the character's last name from.), 'summer nights' by Rascal Flatts, 'chicken fried' by The Zac Brown Band and 'life is a highway' also by Rascal Flatts." I said.

"Summer Nights" they both said.

"Yeah that's what I thought." I said, "Actually I was thinking about making video for the song. What do you guys think about that?"

Immediately the two of them got up.

"HEY EVERYONE!!!!" Beck started.


"Thanks guys," I started "yeah we're gonna be making a video for the Rascal Flatts song Summer Nights, we're gonna be holding auditions after breakfast and they end at 5:00, so yeah the video is just me, Beck and Claire playing and singing the song and you guys in a party. So good luck the auditions will be held at the Hermes cabin and the video'll be shot at the lake. Actually ya don't need to audition just head to the beach at the sunset. So have fun!”

We got to the beach at 5'o'clock for set up, we got the equipment and music from the Hermes cabin, except my guitar, that was something i had in the truck when I got here.

Any way’s I was on Vocals, Beck was on my Guitar and Claire was our Bassist, my brother (Tom) was in charge of the camera. certain parts of the show stood out to me, but the end always stood out to me as Makeout'a'poolaza cause Percy and Annebeth made out and Silena jumped on stage and Made out with Beck (let me say that dude can seriously multitask cause he made with his girl and played a mean guitar all at the same time, i laughed). they all applauded so much we had to another so Beck broke it off with Siliena, however she just grabbed a tambourine as opposed getting off the stage.

"Oh well," i thought, "if ain't broke don't fix it."

So I just told Claire, Beck and Silena they can just leave cause the next was a one man song, which was "alright".

So I started, I was slightly nervous cause I'd never done a solo show before. "Alright, alright, yeah it's alright," I sang, "Alright! Don’t need no 5 star reservations, I got spaghetti and... A cheap bottle of wine." (N/A: I'm not gonna put the whole song in cause it would be too time consuming, but you should check it out it's a great song)

Before ya knew I'd done the whole song and I had great time doing and was ready for a third song with the whole band when Chiron showed up. When I saw the look on his face I thought to myself "oh no, this cannot be good.” It wasn't.

Ch. 6

Chiron’s POV

I galloped to the beach just in time to see Jack finish a terrific country song. They all seemed to be having such a great time, it truly pained me to break up their party but I had to do it.

"Percy, Nico, Beckendorf, Clarisse, Silena, Michael, Connor and Travis, Annebeth and Jack, come with me everyone else back to your cabins the show's over." I said. Jack put away his guitar and carried it with him to the war room.

"Kronos is back and Luke's still with him and news on his whereabouts." they were all shocked.

"Where is he?" Jack asked, probably wanting a rematch with Luke.

"They’re both in Chicago" I said.

"Figures" Jack said. (He had seriously bonded with New York since coming here)

"We need some of you to find them and report back here once you do, only defend yourself if nessicary, if one of you gets caught stay and help if you can. Any volunteers?"

"I'll go" Jack said.

Jack's POV

When I volunteered everyone looked at me like I was insane.

"What," I said, "I've been here for 5 months, I know what were up against, I can handle a quest."

"All right Jack," Chiron said "who will you take?"

"I'll take Claire and Beck with me" I said. When I said that everyone except Claire and Beck looked at me like I'm crazy.

"You need someone with power," said Percy "me and Nico can provide that."

"this is clearly a recon stealth mission," I said, "what we need are Half-bloods who can't be easily sniffed out by monsters, you and Nico would be invaluable for a head on mission, sides Beck and Claire are my best friends at this camp I wouldn't have this mission any other way than with them at my side."

"Well I can respect that," Percy said, "on both accounts, good luck."

"Thanks man" I said.

"All right" said Chiron "but either way you can't make a direct trip to Chicago, you have to take a few detours on the way there. I'll give you the map tomorrow."

"Why do we need to take the detours?" I asked.

"5 items were stolen from the god's" Chiron said, "Ares's shield, The Master Bolt-"

"Again?!" Percy interrupted

"Hades's Helm of Darkness, Athena's Helmet and Hephaestus’s Hammer." Chiron finished

"Okay if they stole dad's hammer than it's personal" I said.

"Your damn right it is" Beck said.

"Hey they stole my dad's shield too i got a bone to pick with them too" Claire said.

"Don't take it too personal guys," Connor said "Luke's a son of Hermes we're all thieves."

"Alright, we'll see you guys here tomorrow. Let’s all get some rest." I said.

We all headed to our cabins except me, Beck and Claire

"Alright what's the plan of attack Captain?" Claire asked me sarcastically.

"I'll let ya know in the morning" i said.

"They stole our dad's Hammer and Her dad's Shield we gotta do something" Beck said.

"Yeah I know, Beck" i said, "i just said I'd let you know in the morning, i never said i didn't have a plan. C'mon guys let's hit the sack before the Harpies kill us."

"Alright" said Claire and Beck

Me and Beck went into our cabin and Claire went over hers. "We were in for a rough week" I thought to myself. I was right. (N/A: Surprise Narrator)

Ch. 7 Argos’s POV

I stood by with Chiron on the edge of camp. It was an unusually cold day, it was windy and there was thunder but no lightning, "you have got to be kidding me." I thought.

Jackson, Clarisse and Charles came up to the hill. Frankly they all looked Awesome.

"Alright, let's see the map Chiron." Jackson said.

Chiron handed him a map and a piece of paper with 5 addresses written on it.

They walked into the van and we were ready to go, when Thomas ran up with Jackson's guitar.

"Wait, wait, wait!" he shouted, i stopped and Jackson opened the van door.

"What’s up Bro?" he said.

"It wouldn't be right if you didn't have your guitar with you." Thomas said.

Jackson looked at the guitar and then at his Brother and said "thanks bro.", he took the guitar and hugged his brother.

And we were off I dropped 'em off at the first address in Buffalo. I stayed a few extra minutes for them gather their stuff and offer some advice on stealth missions, (no I’m not mute and I don’t have an eye on my tongue I just have a philosophy, "sometimes it doesn't matter what you have to say, but how awesome you look not saying it".).

Jack's POV

So I got My Pack and My Guitar. I also wore a sheath for my sword (I like to be able to carry the weapon in weapon form).

"Alright kids", Argus started, "don't do nothing stupid, be quiet, invisible, quick and lethal."

"So in other words be a ninja?" I asked.

"yes." he stated, he then started the van and rode off.

"Okay I’ll go in the front you guys check out the back" Claire said.

"Alright let's go" I said.

Me and Beck looked around the back, we both suddenly got a weird so I pulled out my sword and he pulled his out his sledge. I looked inside and nodded at Beck. He hoisted his hammer and slammed the door open. We looked inside and didn't see too much, it looked like the place was abandoned, Beck flipped a light switch the lights turned and but we're going all haywire.

"The Power grid" me and Beck said in Unison.

"Yo Claire," I shouted, "we're headed down to the basement; we need ya to cover our backs for us. That cool with ya."

"Yeah, I’ll see ya down there." she hollered back.

We headed down. We figured the bolt was here, it was convenient cause we were still in the same state as Olympus. We looked around the basement. It didn't seem too different from most basements. I looked in the power box and there it was the master bolt. I took it out of the box, looked around. I then found a cardboard box about the size of the bolt. I cut it open and dumped out the bat that was inside, looked like a Louisville Slugger. I put it in my pack and carefully placed the bolt inside the box and scrolled a little message on there. Here’s how it went:

"Dear Lord Zeus,

Here’s the master bolt. In case you didn't know it was stolen by Luke right under your nose (again). Any way’s here it is me and friends from camp found it again.

With All Due Respect,

Jack Rucker."

Something like that. we stayed and checked out the kitchen, we had our own food but you can't let this stuff go to waste (a little Michigander common sense you could say), I found some Hot Pockets in the freezer set 'em up in the microwave and got out a few Coke's. We enjoyed our lunch. But it was weird almost like they wanted us here.

"Hey guy's am I the only one who thinks this is weird?" I said.

"Nope" they both said.

"Didn't think so" I said.

We looked around. Then I saw the TV remote on the couch. It was a TiVo so I looked at the recordings and noticed the first letter of each recording was a message, here's what it was:

Hells Angels

Everyone's Hero

You Got Mail

Green Mile

United We Stand


Spider-Man (N/A: hell's angels, yorkshire, and united we stand aren't real movies for the record)

So the message was: "hey guys", Luke was mocking us. We left the house and went to the post-office and dropped off the package.

Ch. 8

Beckendorf's POV

Jack got really paranoid after we dropped off the bolt. We stopped at a gas station on our way out of town. We filled up and called Chiron on a payphone.

"Alright Chiron we got the bolt we'll check in after we get to New Orleans" Jack said.

"Excellent job Jack but be careful. Only trust yourselves and each other." Chiron said.

"Will do." Jack said, he then hung up.

"The car's gassed up now, let's go" i said.

"Good, good, good, yeah let's get the heck out of here" he said.

We got going, and Jack started to chill out once he pulled out his guitar and sang (the song was "Let Me Go" by 3 Doors Down).

"And you love me, but you don't... and you love me, but you... and you love me but you don't know Me." he sang finishing. "Dude’s got talent." I thought. He really does, you'd honestly think he was Apollo's kid if you didn't know if he was a son of Hephaestus.

He started singing a new song called "So Long Self"

"So long self, well it's been fun but i have found somebody else. So long self, there's just no room for two so you are gonna to move. So long self don't take this wrong but you are wrong for me. Farewell. Oh well. Good-bye. Don't cry." he finished.

"Man singing really calms my nerves." He said.

"Good cause we really don't need you being all paranoid like you were at the gas station." Claire said.

"Yeah I know." he said.

It was almost midnight so we stopped at a Holiday Inn. We got a room on the first floor on Jack's suggestion.

"Quickest way in and out" he said.

We took shifts as to who kept guard. I took the first shift. Nothing really happened. So when 2:30 came by I woke up Claire and went to bed.

Clarisse's POV

I sat at the door, looking at my boy's.

"I’d give my life for you guys." I thought. At around 3:41 I thought heard a noise. I opened the door to see what was up; it was just mortal couple sucking face. "EWWWWWWWW!" I thought. I went back to my post. 10 minutes later jack got up and told me to go to bed and he cover for me.

"Thanks" I said.

"You’re welcome, now go to sleep. You need it." he said.

So I went to bed.

Jack's POV

Things were pretty calm. When 7:30 came I woke up Claire and Beck. We ate breakfast at the hotel. They had the news on and they said that Mardi Gras starts today.

"OH CRAP!!!" we all said.

"How are we gonna get the next item now?" Claire said.

"I don't let’s just keep cool and get going." I said. So we finished our breakfast, payed the front desk and got going. We were in New Orleans by 9:00 AM. We took out our weapons to defend ourselves from any threats; it was a good thing that it was Mardi Gras cause if it weren't everyone would've freaked out at the sight of 3 teenagers carrying a bunch of Ancient weapons. We were walking around when some guy asked Claire to pop her top. Me and Beck sighed and slapped our foreheads, and then Claire bunched the guy in his crotch.

"Wow. Yeah, that's gonna ruin his weekend." I said sarcastically.

We looked around some more, when we saw Luke wherein a bronze helmet. We immediately knew it was Athena’s helmet.

"Hey guys." he said.

"Give us the helmet, Luke." I said.

"Why would I do that." he said dryly.

"Hey you’re lucky I’m just asking for the helmet. I got a mind to kill on the spot for what you did to me." I said.

"What you mean you save your life, yeah your welcome for that." he said sarcastically.

"No, for burning my house down and killing my mother" I said angrily.

"Yeah that's what I meant." he said.

"You honestly think you saved my life with that?" I said.

"yeah." he said.

"Grab my arms guys cause I am gonna kill this man if you don't" I said to my friends. They did just that.

"Tell ya what," Luke said, "if ya beat my friend Ethan, I’ll give ya the helmet."

"Deal" We said.

So I fought him, except it wasn't a sword fight or nothing it was just a regular old brawl. I combined elements of street fighting, traditional boxing and outside fighter boxing.

The fight took place in abandoned cul-de-sac (probably left after Katrina).

I walked around the "ring", when Ethan came at me like a madman; my first strike was a discombobulating slap. He then tried a confusion strike, which I blocked and met with a jab in the ribs (that cracked 'em), then I kicked in him in his chest dislocating his ribs. he fell over in pain and played a trick from the Roman Gladiatory playbook, he raised pinky finger which was a surrender move. I helped the guy up. And walked over to Luke.

"Alright give us the helmet, Castelian" I said.

"Here" he said handing us the helmet. He took out his sword and slashed the air and suddenly he and Ethan were gone.

"Well that was weird" Beck said.

"Yeah, but at least we got we came for" I said.

So we got in the van (yeah, we stole a van at that house where we found the bolt), and road off.

Ch. 9

Jack's POV

We were on our way out of town, but we got stuck in traffic. Everyone was making a big fuss so to break the tension I pulled out my guitar and played a little. Everyone kinda liked it so I sang a song from 3 Doors Down.

"He spent his life being too young" I started. Everyone liked it so much so I played "the times they are a-changin'". Everyone liked the show, so everyone left with a smile on their face. I had a nice time putting on my performance.

"Nice show rock star" Claire said sarcastically yet also affectionately.

"Thanks Claire, glad make your day guys." I said.

"Oh no you made my day when you broke Ethan's ribs" Beck said.

"So what's the next stop?" Claire asked.

I looked at the map, "St. Louis." I said.

"huhn, that's my hometown" Beck said.

"Cool" I said.

So we drove for about 3 more hours 'til we got to St. Louis. We parked out by the arch. We took an elevator ride up to the top of the arch to survey the area. While we were up there, we met a hunter of Artemis, named Thalia. My first reaction to her was "oh my gods, I think I’m in love."

Thalia's POV

"Hey guys" I said.

"Hey Thalia" said Beckendorf and Clarisse.

"Oh uh, hi, I’m, uhhhhhh..." some other guy said. He was kinda cute.

"I’m Thalia, you must be Jack, Chiron's told me so much about you." I said, trying to humor him.

"Oh cool" he said.

"So what've you found so far?" i asked

Jack regained his composure and said "we've already sent Zeus his bolt and we found Athena's helmet a few hours ago."

"Cool" I said to him, taking the helmet "Lisa, take this to Lady Artemis." I said to one of my fellow hunters. As she left i heard someone behind say,

"Well would you like to where's Hades's Helm is?"

"Yeah Luke, I think we all would" I said.

Luke's POV

"Hey Luke, how's your buddy doing" Jack said.

"He’s doing just fine." I said, I didn't admit but Jack intimidated me.

"Well would you like to fight me on his behalf" Jack said, I saw him getting all stupid around Thalia earlier. "Anger is very sobering I thought."

"Maybe" I said responding to his question.

"Or perhaps you'd like to try sword fight." he said. When he said that the light bulb went off in my head.

"Sure, another showdown for an Olympian artifact, only this time I’ll give the address for the location of the item.

Jack's POV

(N/A: Yeah Jack's gonna show off a bit to impress Thalia. does it work? well, you'll have to see for yourself)

I met Luke in an old 7-11 parking lot. I took out my sword and he pulled out his, we got down to business.

He took the first strike; I blocked it with the curve of my blade. I took swing at him he blocked it with his wrist guard. "Bad move on his part" I thought. I struck his wrist again, he swung at me with his bad wrist, which I blocked again with grab at the blade (I held my sword with my right and left was covered chain mail).

"Sword!" Luke shouted and one of his troops through him another blade.

It would take too much energy to fight with two swords I dropped Luke’s first sword and kicked to over to my friends. Luke struck at my sword. I dodged and made sweep strike at his legs, but he jumped in anticipation. "He’s good" I thought. i hit him in the head, "discombobulate" I thought. I stuck in him in his right shoulder, i broke threw his armor and cut him. I made cut at his shin. He fell over and I had him at sword point, I smiled and said,

"Never start anything, you can't finish."

He laughed, and made a successful sweep at my legs. I fell over and dropped my sword. Luke slashed the air and was about to disappear with his troops. I wasn't gonna let him escape,

"It’s back at the arch." Luke said.

"Now’s my chance!" I thought.

Ch. 10

Jack's POV

I tackled Luke as he walked into the rift. We entered some weird stone room. I got up off Luke.

"Where are we" I shouted, he looked around panicky.

"I-I-I don't know." he said

"What do you mean?" I said, "Aren’t you the one who brought us here?"

"I lost my concentration when you tackled Me." he said.

We walked around and found a door. He opened it and what we saw outside resembled New York City in that movie "I AM LEGEND".

"This is weird" I thought aloud.

"There’s usually an exit but it takes a while to find it, even longer to open it." Luke said.

"Let’s find it then" I said.

"That’s it? You’re not gonna try to kill me now that we're alone?" Luke said.

"Nope, you’re my ticket out of here." I said.

"Well let's get going." he said.

we wondered about the city for what seemed like year's and on the last day of our imprisonment we got over anger, guilt and pride and got off what had on chest's it was intense and here's how it went,

"Alright their might be an exit here." I said, there wasn't actually.

"What’s the point Rucker? We’re stuck here, except it." Luke said.

"Ya know something, I don't think you wanna go home cause you're scared that your troops won't be loyal to you anymore and Kronos will abandon you like you think your dad did." I said.

Out of frustration he attacked me; I knocked him down no problem.

"The thing is man your father loved you and still does. So you just gotta let go of your anger at father." I said.

"I’ll never let it go! IT'S MADE ME STRONG!!!" he shouted. He pulled out his sword and tried to attack me. I made a sweep kick at his leg and said,

"Look man we both have got a lot of things to be mad about." I said, as he continued to attack me. He tried to strike me in the head and my chest, but I blocked his strikes with a pair of gauntlets I’d built while we were here. I finally punched him the head and kicked him in the gut, he then dropped to ground. I kneeled down next to him and said.

"Now I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of being mad. It doesn't lead anywhere it'll just weigh you down and suffocate you to death.” I than offered him my hand. He looked at my hand and then he looked at the ground, he then took my hand and got up. He started crying weighed down by his sin; I embraced him as my friend patting on his back.

"I’m so sorry for what I did to you and your family man." he cried.

"I know man, I know." I said.

"Please kill me, I know you want revenge and you disserve It." he begged.

I took out my sword, I really thought about it. I gently lowered, then raised it above to get a grip on it, then I lowered it gently.

"No dude I won't kill you, that's too easy. I’m gonna do something much harder." I said, heavily.

"Which is?" he said rising from the ground.

"I’m going to forgive you. So I forgive you." I said heavily yet gently. There were tears in my eyes as I said that.

"No I don't deserve this." he said heavily.

"I’ve forgiven you man, but now you gotta forgive yourself. It’s the only way you'll ever be free." I pleaded

"You are right." he started, breathed in for a moment and smiled, "thank you, Jack" he said.

"Don’t mention it... pal." I said, shaking his hand.

We then looked some more and found the exit we drew our swords, slashed it open and got the heck out of that prison.

And landed in some field in Iowa. We didn't care where the heck we were cause we free of our literal prisons and the prisons that held our souls in chains.

Ch. 11

Luke’s POV

Me and Jack trained for months to fight Kronos. And after about 6 months we decided to finish what we started in New York. We bought a truck and drove straight to Camp Half-Blood. When we got to the camp Argus stared at us like a couple of ghost's, it was a bit un-nerving cause he had so many eye's.

"We’re alive man" Jack said.

He called Chiron and let us in. when we got inside people's faces were mix of awe, shock and relief... or at least they were for Jack. For me they were Disgust, Hate and Anger.

"Hello" I said, "I suppose we have some explaining to do."

"We never died," Jack said, "I followed Luke through the rift we went to some kinda prison dimension. We were there for a 3 year's, while we there I let go off my anger at Luke and he Renounced Kronos and repented for all he did wrong since joining him. We left 6 months ago and stayed hidden to train. were ready to finish what we started, we know Kronos is still out there, so were gonna to where ever the heck he is and we're gonna take him down with our bear hands. Who’s with us!" he shouted.

They all cheered. "Jack's quite the motivational speaker." I thought.

"YO JACK!" someone shouted.

"Sup Mike?" Jack shouted back.

"BEFORE WE GO TO WAR, LETS HERE THAT SWEET SOUND, WE HAVEN'T HEARD IN SO LONG!" Mike yelled, throwing Jack his guitar. He grabbed the guitar and strummed it a few times, to get the feel of it back. He strapped back it on.

"Do we really have enough time?" I whispered to him.

"There’s always time." he said back.

I knew he was ready to rock out again too, so I smiled and called up his band. I took on Second Guitar, Beckendorf took the Drums, Clarisse played Bass and Jack was the Main Guitarist and Lead Singer. I looked around and thought to myself "this is gonna be fun.” I had no idea right I was.

Jack's POV

We walked onto the stage. I took the mike stand.

"Okay we're gonna start with song about Luke's feelings for Thalia Grace, that Daughter of Zeus who became one of Artemis's Hunter's." I said. Claire and Beck snickered, Luke gave me a murderous glare (I shook that off) and Thalia, who to my dismay was standing in front of the crowd, blushed. i could tell by the look on her face that she felt about Luke as Luke felt about her, so added,

"And apparently her mutual feelings for him too.”

"One more kiss could be the best thing, but more lie could be the worst. And all these thoughts are never resting and you’re not something i deserve." I started, "and you love me but you don't... and you love me but you don't... and you love me but you don't know Me." I finished. Everyone loved that song. Thalia mouthed to me "thank you." so I mouthed back "you’re welcome".

"Alright this next song is about living life in the Average American High School, it's called Loser and that's what I was back home." i said. i sang through the song, it's really not my favorite song.

"Yeah, not my most pleasant memories," I said, "now how about a little song about me and Luke's time in the prison zone." that one was met with mixed praises. The song was "Never Surrender" when I sang that one some people thought it rocked, some people gave me and Luke looks like "oh, I’m so sorry you had to go through that." and some folks couldn't make heads or tails of it.

"Okay enough of the pain and misery, how about some love songs?!" I said. Everyone applauded when I said that, especially the Aphrodite Cabin.

"It’s a country song called Big Green Tractor." I said, I looked out into the crowd and saw Percy holding hands with Annebeth. I immediately realized this was song begging for a dedication, so I said "and I'd also like to dedicate this song to my dear friends Percy and Annebeth. It’s also a bit of a slow dance song, so find that special someone and partner up." Percy and Annebeth looked at each other and smiled. At the end of the song we shined the stage light on Percy and Annebeth, they were having a VERY passionate kiss.

"Alright now that THAT'S done me and Luke got a couple more songs about prison life and redemption, called So Long Self and Awake and Alive." I said.

They actually applauded.

They liked the songs I chose for the subject. The last song we sang was Rebirthing and Thalia came on stage and took the Keyboard and Female Vocals.

"Tell me when I’m gonna live again, tell me when this fear will end, tell me what I’m gonna feel inside, tell me when I’ll feel aliiiiiiiiiive!!!" we sang. "That was a fun show." I thought to myself.

"Alright guy's tomorrow we're gonna go find Kronos and bring him back here for the woopin' of a lifetime," I shouted to rally the crowd. And they cheered harder than when I was playing. "He’s had a pretty darn long lifetime." I said to make 'em laugh. They did that pretty hard.

"Hey Jack, you gonna save some room for the god's?" asked a guy from the crowd. I looked out to the crowd and the guy who called out was none other than Hermes himself.

"Hi son." he said to Luke, slightly teary eyed.

"Hi dad." Luke said back, very teary eyed. He looked at me and I said with a laugh,

"Get over there and hug your father!”

He dropped his guitar with a thud and ran to hug his father. His father ran to him too. They embraced in a warm hug.

"I’ve missed you so much dad." Luke said.

"I’ve missed you too son." Hermes said back.

"All right guys show's over, go back to your cabins, let the god and his son have their moment together, you don't have to go to bed you just can't stay here, thank you for showing up we'll see you again in a few weeks." I said.

i put away my guitar, dropped off the stage, patted Luke on the back for making things right with his dad and headed for my cabin. I got into my cabin, set down my guitar, converted my futon from a coach to a bed and hit the sack. I went to bed real confident but i had this dream that made me feel otherwise... I’d rather not go into detail, so let's just say it wasn't pretty, 'nuff said.

Ch. 12

Jack's POV

When I woke up I immediately got out of bed and did some push up's. I knew I had to step up my game if I was gonna fight Kronos. After 3 hours of Push Up's, i got dressed and went out to the training grounds. I practiced Boxing and Sword fighting for 5 hours each. it was noon by the time i was done practicing. Me, Luke, Percy, Thalia, Annebeth, Beck, Claire and Nico all headed to Argos’s van and left for olympus. There we were briefed by Athena and Ares on the mission.

"Alright, the Big Three kids and Athena's kid'll stay here at Olympus and guard the Home front" Ares said.

"Yes and Luke, Jackson, Charles and Clarisse will be taken to Chicago to face Kronos's forces. It’ll be tough however we'll be with you at the battle along with Apollo, Hermes, Hephaestus and Artemis." Athena said.

"Any final words before we go?" they both asked.

"Yeah," I said, "last night I said that me and my friends are gonna go find Kronos and Give Him A Whoopin'. So let's do just that and also I was wondering if I could bring my guitar.” they nodded and before my eyes my guitar magically apeared. i got into my dad's chariot with Beck. I played a little mellody called "get off my back" to rally the troops.

"Well ya think that you can take me on on? ya must be crazy. There ain't a single thing you've done that's gonna phase me. Oh but if ya wanna have a go, i just wanna let you knoooow. OH, get off of my back, and into my game. Get out of my face or give yo best shot. I think it's time you'd face the facts, get off of my back." I sang, it was a good song for rallying the troops.

When got over Lake Michigan, me and Beck got over my dad's horses. And we dropped into Navy Peer. Immediately we were met by an army of Minotaur’s. I took out my sword and Beck took out his sledge. We were about to get to work when a minor god came out from the crowd.

"Hello gentlemen," he said "I am Prometheus. You have courage actually trying to face my soldiers here. But your outnumbered 5000 to 1."

"So there's 10000 minotaur’s here?" Beck said. Prometheus nodded.

"Sounds like fun." I said in the most intimidating voice I could muster, "I’m always looking for a good scrap.” Prometheus looked at me like I was insane.

"YOU’RE INSANE!" he shouted.

"Probably." I said back.

"You sure about this Jack, after all there's only 2 of us and 10000 of them." Beck said.

"You should listen to your friend." the titan urged.

"Do you trust I me?" I whispered to Beck.

"Yeah, why?" he said back. I slashed across Prometheus’s face.

"That’s why." I said with a laugh. Beck looked at like I had just smashed the 10 commandments.

"KILL THEM!" Prometheus shouted while still gripping his face. The Minotaur’s all snarled at us.

"Hey Beck let’s see who can kill more Minotaur’s." I said.

"You’re on" he said back. I think he'd lost his mind too.

I attacked the first Minotaur I saw, I stabbed in his heart. Beck slammed two with his Sledge. I cut off another one's head. Beck bashed one's head in. i slashed through too. And eventually the fight started to get all blurry.

"I lost track man." I said.

"Me too" Beck said.

"Okay whoever kills the most out of the last ten wins" I said. In the end it was a tie.

"Call it draw" I said.

"Okay" Beck said.

"HOW!!!" a voice cried out. We turned to see it was Prometheus.

"How could you have defeated my army?" he shouted.

"Cause they had my blessing." a familiar voice called. We turned around again to see it was dad.

"Hello boy's, Hello Mr. P" He said.

"Hello Blacksmith." Prometheus said back, "Come to challenge me?" He asked sarcastically.

"Actually yes, I have" my father. Me and Beck looked at each other thinking the EXACT SAME thing,

"This is gonna be one awesome fight".

Hephaestus’s POV

I took out my Hammer; hey it's not just for pounding metal it's also for Pounding Titans. Prometheus pulled out a sickle sword from his jacket. We fought a chivalrous battle. He attempted to strike at my left shoulder; I blocked it with the handle of my hammer. I then hit him in the shoulder with my hammer. He gripped his shoulder feeling the damage.

That was a nice strike Mr. Hephaestus." he said.

"Thank you Mr. Prometheus." I said back.

"You know I think this is what a battle between to your two sons over there would look like that." he said. I looked over at Jack and Beckendorf, who were looking at their weapons shuddering at the thought of a fight between themselves, i laughed.

"You know what maybe." I said still laughing. The boy's laughed too.

about a half hour into our fight Jack pulled his guitar and sang/played that song he played to rally the troops back on our chariot, I was a little bit surprised he kept the guitar in such good shape with all the adventures he'd taken on. It was his good luck charm I suppose. Any way’s, I tried to strike Prometheus in his left cheek (yes I mean his face), but he struck at the hilt of my hammer, causing it to hit the ground. He then hooked his sword around my hammer and kicked me in my chest causing me to fall. He then put away his sword and grabbed than grabbed my hammer and hit me in the head with it. He tried to strike me again, but I grabbed his sword, rolled over to avoid his attack and sliced his belly open, he then fell to the ground. I than took back my hammer and smashed him in his rib cage.

He opened his eyes and looked at me and my sons with shame.

Promethus's POV

I opened my eyes to see Jackson standing over my head.

"You’ve been weighed," he started, as Beckenford stood over.

"You’ve been measured," He added, and the boys’ father came over and added.

"And you have been found in want,” Hephaestus added also.

"And may the gods save you, if they feel justified in doing so. Hey dad do you feel justified?" Jackson said.

"Nope, not really son." Hephaestus said, "by the way I believe this is yours." he added raising my sword. He then stabbed it in the right shoulder. I actually cried it hurt so much. They actually laughed at me for crying.

"Dude, you were bound to a mountain and were forced to allow a Falcon, or was it an eagle-?" Jackson said,

"Eagle" I said with a shudder.

"Regardless, your liver was eaten by an eagle and you’re crying because you were stabbed in the upper right shoulder? Your weak man." he finished.

I silently cursed them all and then myself. "I hate my life" I thought to myself.

"I have to say, I hate it too." a voice said.

"Kronos, I-I-I'M sorry I didn't mean to fail you." I pleaded.

"But you have, and in my outfield one single strike and you’re out." Kronos replied, "and so i am replacing you with a more competent General." the next thing I knew I was holding the sky and Atlas was pulling my sword from his shoulder.

"THANKS FOR THE SWORD FOOL!!!" he shouted.

"I Hate You So Much!!" I exclaimed.

Ch. 13

Jack's POV

Okay so we were on our way into the city when we noticed a group snake-ladies gathered at the Hilton.

"huhn, wonder if their related to Paris Hilton." I joked. We all chuckled. (N/A: the joke is their at the Hilton)

And then we noticed who was leading the group, it was another titan they all kept "The General".

"Oh crap, it's Atlas." dad said.

"Him?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, it's him." Beck commented.

"Okay we'll just do what we did last time. Me and Beck will kill the monsters and Dad will beat the crap out of the Titan." I said.

"It’s not that simple Dracaena are smarter than Minotaur’s and Atlas is Much tougher than Prometheus." Dad said.

"I know we'll create a trap for the monsters and we'll gang up on Atlas." I said.

"Jack... that... just might be crazy enough to work." Beck said.

"It may just work." dad said.

So we set up a trap back at Navy pier. I climbed up the fire escape and made a running jump off the roof they all followed, I ran straight for the pier. We made an oil slick a few feet before the water’s edge. I slid through oil and jumped in the water. The snake-ladies followed me all the way there however the fell in the oil and never made to the water. And so I got out of the water and grabbed a lighter of a drum of oil and threw it on the oil. "Boil 'Em, Mash 'Em, Stick 'Em in a stew" I thought as I witnessed them burn in oil. it was very disturbing but I brushed it off.

"Yo, dad, Beck, the monsters are dead let's go find Atlas." I shouted.

"Actually that won't be necessary." a voice said, I looked into the fire and saw figure with singed clothes over Bronze armor.

"You must be Atlas." I said.

"Indeed." He responded.

"So where are my brother and father?" I asked.

"I took care of them, don't worry though they’re not dead... yet." he said.

"So it's just you and me, a titan and some little punk Half-blood." I said.

"exactly." he said.

"Well, I’m praying to Nike the Goddess of Victory, to give me my victory." I said.

"She won't, trust me." He said.

"Well than if I’m going at least I’m going out fighting." I said back.

"You’ve got the fighting spirit, I admire that." he responded.

I drew my sword and he drew his.

"This is gonna tough" I thought.

He took the first strike I blocked it but he knocked me to the ground. I jumped and kicked him in his back. He reacted very negatively to that. He fell over in pain.

"I've found his weak spot." I thought.

It makes sense I guess, you hold up the sky for thousands of years, your gonna get a sore back. So I stabbed him in his back. He really didn't like that. The next thing I know, he turned, knocked me down and pulled my sword out of his back.

"you vain little brat!" He shouted, "how dare you strike the titan who kept the sky above your head.". he threw my sword into the fire and put away his own away. He then started to try pound with his bare hands. I dodged until I reached the fire.

"End of the line, you little punk." Atlas said, laughing.

"Maybe not." I thought, I concentrated on the fire. And the next thing I know I threw a fissure of flame at Atlas. I ran into the flame and grabbed my sword. I than jumped out, slashed the titan across chest and stabbed him under his right shoulder blade. He kneeled over in pain. I than took the sword again and stabbed him through his neck. He started gasping after that one and then took his sword stabbed him above his collar bone. I then took my sword and left.

"Wow! That was rough!" I said to myself. I found Beck and my dad chained to the doors of the Hilton.

"I don't recall this being part of the plan." I said dryly.

"Yeah sorry about that." Beck said back.

We went looking for Claire and Luke. We searched for 3 hours without luck.

"I wonder where they are." I said aloud.

Luke's POV

Me and my father landed on top the Sears Tower. We scanned the area for any threats; it was good spot since we were on top of the tallest building Chicago. Everything looked fine but Father wasn't so sure.

"Alright let’s make our way down." father said.

"Well if you'll excuse me." I said as pulled out my sword and made a turning jump down. I stabbed my sword through the glass and made my way down. I could almost hear father say "I Hate it When HE Does That.", I laughed as I made my way down. I stopped when my feet hit the ground. I laughed some more. And my dad was standing right next to me.

"Hey Pop how's it going." i said.

"Have You Lost Your Mind?" He said.

"Probably" I said laughing. I tried to get but my leg was broken.

"Are you alright son?" My father asked.

"No, I think I broke my leg on the landing." I said in pain.

"I figured." he said.

"Yeah sorry about that dad." I said.

We walked around until we met up with Clarisse and Ares.

"We can fix ya up" Ares said.

"Cool" I said. Next thing I know they grabbed my leg to set it (it hurt like heck but it was better than having a broken leg I suppose), they then wrapped it up in cotton swabs. We strolled down on Ares’ chariot (which had taken the form of van).

"Hey you guys got a map; I know where Kronos's Fortress is." I said.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Clarisse asked.

"I just thought of it." I said.

"HERE!" Ares’ shouted, probably to shut us up.

I looked at the map, and spotted his fortress.

"Okay it's at the field museum and shed aquarium." I said.

"Oh Crap!" Clarisse said.

"What?" I said.

"The museum, they have dinosaur bones which-" she said, she didn't finish cause I cut her off.

"The dragon bone ritual, oh gods I forgot all about that." I said.

The next thing I knew we were attacked by the zombie solders. They can only be defeated by Hades or one of his children. I than had a thought "Maybe my dad can take care of them.”

"Dad take 'em to the underworld." I shouted.

"I got it." he shouted back, the next thing I knew, the zombies were disappearing two at a time.

"That was easy" dad said.

"Way to go, go Mario." Ares said sarcastically.

We road to navy pier and there in all his glory was the sky titan himself, with a sword stuck in his chest.

"What the hell are you doing fool, don't just stand get this sword out of me so we can kill those fools behind." Atlas shouted

"Actually Atlas, I'm good guy now." I said. Ares being Ares stabbed Atlas in his face to piss him off. We than left wondering where the heck Jack, Beckendorf and Hephaestus were. After an hour we found them at John Hancock looking for us.

Ch. 14

Jack's POV

Me, Beck, Claire and Luke were bored while the gods debated over our next move, so we the half-bloods debated over who had more dangerous adventures since we came to Chicago.

"Oh no man, when me and Beck landed here we had to face ten thousand Minotaur’s." I said.

"Oh yeah, well I broke my leg while sword sliding down the sears tower." said Luke.

"What about you Claire? What’ve you been "up to?" I said.

"Surprisingly... nothing." she said.

"WOW!!!" said me and the other guys.

"I guess they were too intimidated to face the god of war and his daughter." she said honestly.

"Well Luke, I suppose you can top that, but something you can't top is the fact that I fought Atlas and won." I said. They stared me like I was burning alive.

"Wait you beat a FREAKING TITAN?" Ares said. I turned around and said

"Yeah, why?”

"uhh... because not even Jackson could beat a titan." he said

"Yeah, the gods won last time cause I killed myself, taking Kronos with me." Luke said.

"Wait, you killed yourself? You’re sitting in front of me very much alive." I said.

"Yeah, I was sent to Elysium and went for a 2nd life, pretty simple actually." He explained

"How’d you beat him?" father asked. Seeing as how I didn't have much of choice I explained my defeat of the titan.

"We were sizing each other up initially. He made the first strike, I blocked and fell. I swerved and struck him in his back. I had found his weakness so I slashed him in his chest and stabbed him under his left shoulder blade. Knocked me down before I could remove my blade from his shoulder. he removed my sword and threw it into the fire. He put away his sword and started to try and pound me. If swerved some more until I was in front of the fire. I than tried to concentrate on the fire to see if I could somehow manipulate it. The most I could ever do prior to this was control the temperature of the forges back at camp. I then created a fissure of flame and fired it at Atlas. I fired a couple more fissures blowing him back. I then ran into the fire and grabbed my sword. The flames didn't burn me, they didn't even feel hot. I knew my sword was hot but it didn't feel like it. I then ran out of the fire and struck Atlas in his chest again, stabbed him in his neck from behind him. I than took my sword from his body, flipped him over and took his sword and stabbed him with it in his collar bone." i said

"Niiiice!" said Claire and Ares.

"DUDE?!?!" said Hermes and Luke.

"WHAT THE HECK!" said My Father and Beck.

"Yeah, I couldn't believe it myself." I said. They kept staring at me so to get 'em off my back I took out my guitar. And cause I was feeling such a beast for beating Atlas I sang Monster by Skillet.

"I-I-I feel like a monster, I-I-I feel like a monster." I sang finishing the song. They all thought I was milking it with that. I kinda was. So I was gonna go back to "get off my back", but I decided to go with "you can't take me" to better to describe my thoughts during the fight.

"You can't take me, YEAH! Gotta fight another fight, I'm gonna run another night. I'm getting so check it out. I'm on my way and I don't feel right. I gotta get me back. I can't be beat and that's a fact. It’s okay I'll find a way. Ain't gonna take me down no way (nooooooo). Don’t judge a thing till you know what's inside it. Don’t push me I'll fight it. Never gonna give in, never gonna give it up, noooooo. If you can't catch a wave than your never gonna ride it. Can’t come uninvited. Never gonna give in never gonna give it up noooo. You can't take me I'm Free." I sang. After I finished they all applauded me.

"So what's next, me lords?" i asked the god's. Ares looked at the other 2 gods, they nodded.

"We’re gonna do what came to do, Kick Kronos's a**." He said.

"Sounds like a good plan." I said.

"You know I'm in dad." Claire said. Luke and Beck looked at each other and nodded

"Alright we're in." said Luke.

"We’re up for it." Dad said on his and Hermes's behalf.

"Unfortunately that won't be able to happen." said an eerie, metallic voice.

"Kronos!!!" Luke shouted.

"Hello Luke." Kronos said. Luke got up with swear under his breath and I could tell he didn't know anything about this.

"What The Heck Are You Doing Here?!?!" He exclaimed.

"Well my boy, you were going to try and kill me again and we can't that now can we, Luke." Kronos said. He then threw him to the wall, brought him close and choked him. He then disapeared. I went over to check for vital signs in Luke... there were none. Hermes had already left with Luke's soul. We left Chicago in shame. I couldn't believe what had just happened. Our position within enemy territory was compromised, the enemy had most likely fled to a new position and our friend been killed by the enemy's leader. I couldn't help but think about how Thalia would react. I felt like the biggest bum on the face of the earth.

Ch. 15

Jack's POV

When we got home everyone was just ready to hear how we beat Kronos. Instead we told them that a man lost his last chance of redemption and how we failed him. After about a couple hours at camp we spotted Thalia.

"Alright, so should we tell her?" Beck said, I nodded

"Tonight?" he added, I nodded still.

"So who's gonna tell her?" he asked.

"I'll do it." I said. I walked up to Thalia.

"Hey Jack, Where's Luke?" she asked. She couldn't have made this harder for me.

"He’s dead, Luke's dead. Kronos killed him." I said with a weep.

"No, no, you’re lying!" she shouted.

"I wish I was lass, but I'm not." I said trying to be strong for her; I hugged her as a comfort.

"NO, NO, NO!!!!" She shouted, as she pounded me back.

"*beep* NO!" she exclaimed, as she stopped hitting me and cried into my shoulder.

"I'm so sorry." I said.

"It’s not your fault." she said crying, "I'm glad you broke it to me so nicely.".

"His last thoughts were about you." a voice said.

"Hey Nico. This is Jack." Thalia said, drying her eyes.

"Hi, name's Jack, Percy's told me a lot about you. Tells me you’re a good kid, but you used to want him dead." I said.

"Yeah, we've gotten past that. Any way’s Luke doesn't blame you for his death. And Thalia he wants you to move one." he said.

"Thanks for saying so kid." I said.

"you’re welcome, and if you don't mind my saying this, you two would make a very lovely couple." he said. After that me and Thalia kinda got a bit skittish. I thought back to that crush I had on her 6 months ago; those feelings came back only this time they came out in a more dignified way.

"Would you like to go out some time?" I asked her. Now I know what you’re thinking I'd have to be a huge jerk to ask her that she just lost her one true love and you have the nerve to ask her out, but the thing she needed a friend and understandment. At the very least I could provide that, and at most more.

"I think I'd like that." she said back.

"There’s a 3 Doors Down concert next Friday." i said.

"I like 3 Doors Down." she said gently.

"HEY JACK!" a voice called out, it was Percy, "WHY DON'T YOU SING YOUR REMORSE AWAY!” He threw me my guitar. I got to the stage and sang my heart out.

"This song is called Never Surrender. It’s about wanting to surrender and then refusing too. Enjoy." I said.

"Do you know what it's like when; you're scared to see yourself. Do you know you know it's like when, you wish you were someone else, who didn't need your help to get by. Do you know what it's like, to wanna surrender?" I sang. By the time the song was done everyone empathized if not sympathized with me.

"Now how about something's that sad but rock's out?!" I shouted. I sang Hero by Skillet with Thalia as my backup.

"Here’s a song about not wanting to surrender, realizing you have to, but still refusing." I said, I sang you can't take me the crowd loved it.

"Alright, this one is about having lost your way and than finding it again it's called I Am Free. Enjoy." I said. The crowd loved it.

"This one is about waking up to new life, metaphorically, and it's called Awake and Alive. Hope you like it." I said.

"I'm awake; I'm alive, now I know what I believe inside. Now it's my time, I'll do what I want cause this is my life. Right here, right now, stand my ground and never back down. I know what I believe inside, I'm AWAKE and I'm alive. WAKING UP, WAKING UP. WAKING UP, WAKING UP." me and Thalia sang. The crowd cheered us on wildly and started chanting "kiss, kiss, kiss". So Percy and Annebeth, who were on keyboard and backup guitar, kissed. Silena and Beck kissed, they were tambourine girl and bass guitarist. I was the lead guitarist and Lead male vocalist and Thalia was the drummer and lead female vocals, so we kissed. It was a good end to a rough week.

the next day I practiced sword fighting in the battle grounds. I than practiced my boxing. When Percy and Annebeth walked up to with a weird smile on their faces.

"Okay, what's going on?" I asked

"Jack, I've asked Annebeth to marry. We want you to be the best man." Percy said.

"Wow, I'm touched I honestly am, uhhh, when's the wedding? I said.

"Tomorrow at 6:00!" Annebeth shrieked.

"AM or PM?" I asked

"AM" Percy explained.

"Okay, I'll be there." I said.

"Great, so can ya hold on to this for us?" Percy said handing me his fiancés wedding band.

"I'm on it." I said, with a smile.

"I respect you man. I wouldn't do this if I didn't." Percy said.

"Thanks Percy, I'm honored." I said

"Hey bring your guitar, because we want you to play here comes the bride and sing at the reception." Percy said.

"I'll do just that." I said. And so they left all happy and in love. I than remembered a line from You've Got Mail, which i won't say cause it would be too corny. Anyways later that day I was visited by the king of the gods himself and was offered an apartment at Olympus. I was thrilled it was only $30 a month. Things seemed to be going oddly well since Luke died; it got me a little bit suspicious. I got over my suspicions and just decided to live life. I went to the wedding the next day.

It was a strange yet beautiful mix of oceanic symbols and forest symbols (like owls), Chiron was the priest, Poseidon was the one to give the bride away (much to Athena's chargin). I handed Percy back the ring. They gave the vows and I pulled out the guitar. The party was very nice. I got a few band members together. Just Me, Beck and Claire.

"I should've known when we were together and even more when we were apart. You snuck your way right into my heart." I sang. And at the end of the party I played a little ditty called "I hope you had the time of your life", knowing that some us wouldn't see each other for a long time. Everyone loved it.

"Hey Percy, Congrats Man! You’re a lucky man." I shouted

"Thank you for saying that Jack now if you don't mind Percy has something to say." said Annebeth. So I handed Percy the mike.

"Thank you Jack, uhh, I'd also like to thank you all for coming to our wedding. and I've got some pretty big news, I've been offered a job a sword combat instructor at the camp." Percy said bashfully. We all applauded. "And, uhhh, Annebeth is with... child." he added very bashfully. We all applauded

"WOAH!!! When did this happen?" i said.

"uhhh... this morning actually." Percy replied.

"Well congrats man." i said.

"Thanks Jack." he said back.

After the party I moved to my apartment in Olympus. it was a cool place, there was rack for my Boxing gloves, a forge for me repair my weapons or make new ones, a nice warm bed, a TV, a back door that led outside and another rack for my guitar. My friends visited me and I made friends with some of the gods (specifically Hermes, Apollo, Poseidon, Hades and Zeus). A week went by and I took Thalia on our 1st date. And threw a strange series of events we got to meet the band, front row seats, a couple backstage passes and we even got to play with them. It was so much fun. I drove Thalia back to camp. This time I was in love.

"I gotta tell ya Thalia, I had a lot of fun with you tonight." I said.

"I had fun too." she said back.

"So, uhh... you wanna see a movie Friday?" i asked.

"I think that would be nice." she said back.

"Cool." I said. I wasn't really sure if we were at the "good-night-kiss stage", so I left.

"Hey aren't you forgetting something." Thalia said pointing to her lips.

"Oh right." I said with a laugh. And let me say it was a nice one.

So Friday we saw "Robinhood". It was a good movie.

"Wow Russell Crowe and that director are an amazing team." I said.

"i know right, i mean at first they did Gladiator, and now Robin Hood." Thalia said. We were talking about the movie, when a large black limo road up to us.

"Get in" said a familiar voice. We got in and it was the lord of the dead himself.

"Hello Hades, what's up?" I said.

"We found father." he said.

"Kronos?!?!" me and Thalia exclaimed

"Yes, we've finally caught him." he said.

"Well where is that son of... you know what." I said trying to watch my language in front of the lady.

"He’s hiding in Detroit." he said.

"Well than this should be easy." I said seeing as I was from Detroit.

"They’ve already sent Morpheus in, and canceled all flights to and from the city. And all sports teams are in other cities for now. We’re all ready to head out without you, but are you in?" Hades said.

"You bet you Immortal a** we are." Thalia chimed in.

"What she said." I said with a laugh "excellent you apartments are already being emptied. Your water, sewage and electricity have been turned off. Your possessions you can't take with are in storage. Your guitar is being sent to the rondevue right now. Any questions?" Hades said.

"Yeah, did you plan this?" I asked

"Yes actually. Driver take us to my private jet." Hades said.

"Yes sir, right away sir." said the driver. We got to JFK and boarded a black and silver jet plane with Hades. We were in Michigan within 2 hours. The next few days were rough.

Ch. 16

Jack's POV

I stepped off the plane in full Armor with my girlfriend and Hades. We landed in Detroit international airport. We went inside the airport, up to the control tower and sent out a radar signal in Morse code to let the team know we were here. We road threw in Hades's chariot for a about a couple hours when we found Tiger stadium (that's our baseball stadium if you didn't know). We went in to the outfield and sure enough there was gods, half-bloods, satyrs, dryads, centaurs and Cyclops’s. Me and Thalia got together with some of our old friends and Hades went over to meet with the other gods.

"Beck, Claire, Percy, Nico, it's great to see you guy's again." i said.

"Hey Jack." they all said.

"Hey guys." Thalia chimed in.

"So what you say we go exploriatin' and find that A-hole Kronos." I said.

"I'm in." Percy said.

"Death is on our side." said Nico. That kid kinda freaks me out at times.

"I'm up for it." Claire said.

"ahh, what the heck. One last crazy adventure I suppose." Beck said.

"I'll follow you strait to Tarturus if we have to." Thalia said.

We took out our weapons, formed a circle (3 swords, 2 spears and a hammer) and did motion you may have seen in movies about the crusades.

So we "borrowed" Argos’s van and headed out.

"Okay, Hades said that the base is at the GM corporate headquarters." I said.

"Alright so take a right here?" Beck said.

"Yep" I said. I pulled out the guitar and sang a little.

"Life is highway and I wanna ride it all night long. If you going my way than I wanna drive it all night long." I sang.

After about 5 songs we were there.

"yep, the scythe is a dead giveaway. We’re here." said Percy. We entered the building it looked like any other office building.

"Let’s split up, Percy, Thalia and I'll check out the parking garage, you guys check out the upper floors." i said.

"We’re on it General." said Nico, saluting me.

We went down to the garage it was pretty empty except for the crap load of Camaro's and Corvette's.

"Look here." said Percy pointing to a big ol' factory of dog headed demons who were making equipment.

"Hey Percy you ever try turning snow back into water?" I asked.

"No, why?" he asked.

"Cause now's the perfect to try that." I said. He mustered all his strength and the lower parking garage was full of water.

"Now your turn." i said to Thalia. She put her finger to the water and all those demons were fried. I took out a cigarette lighter (no I don't smoke), clicked it and directed the small flame to a fried demon. It lit on fire, and so i used that fire to burn every single living thing down there. Percy and Thalia stared at me like i was insane.

"Well what are we waiting for let's head up stairs and see what our friends are up to." I said.

We headed back up but no one except the 6 of us was there.

"Maybe we should check Chrysler?" said Nico. We searched all over town. Than we feared the worst, we got to the stadium everyone was alright.

"Okay ya know what I think we got a spy... again." said Percy.

"Not exactly." a familiar voice said.

"Sup Kronos?" I said sternly.

"Not much, you know that dimension you went through with Luke it contains a traceable nonlethal radioactive isotope that children of Hermes can't carry. But children of Hephaestus are affected by." he said.

"So that's what's up." I said calmly. "PERCY, THALIA, NICO; HIT ME!" I shouted. Percy shot me with all the water you could get in Detroit. Thalia shot me with the most amount of lighting she could. Nico nearly seared my flesh with his hellfire. I passed out and woke up to Zeus Defibbing me.

"Thanks me lord." I said.

"No problem, I just restarted your heart. You should thank Apollo for repairing your body and my Brother for not taking your soul." he said. I looked up at Hades and Apollo.

"Thanks guys." I said.

"No prob" Apollo said.

"Think nothing of it" Hades said. I passed out again, but this time I was just taking a snooze. I woke up to see Thalia holding my hand, and than I remembered she was doing the same thing when awoke from being dead.

"Hey." I said.

"Hey." she said back.

"I was just thinking, what if when this whole kill that son of a female dog, Kronos, thing is over we got married?" I said.

"I'd... I'd... I'd love that." she said with tears. She nearly fainted I caught her before she hit the ground.

"I love you, you know that right?" I asked her.

"Yes, and I love you too, so much." she said back. (N/A: sorry about this mushy gushy crap, but you gotta put something in for everyone I guess.)

We got back to work on trying to beat Kronos. We figured Kronos was still in Michigan since we'd taken out some of his forges and he'd need to do some damage control that usually takes a few hours at the very least. So we guessed he'd be heading for the next biggest town in the Midwest, which is Milwaukee, so he'd be in Traverse City by now. So we pulled a hit and run/full force attack on Kronos forces. They had stopped at gas station in Traverse City. We set up some explosives, set them off and blew those monsters to hell. We abducted the Half-bloods that worked for Kronos. The gods on our side took care of the minor gods. And the rest of us took care of the titans. We rounded 'em all up, except Kronos who escaped. We found a note carved on some guy’s chest it read "I went to Toronto, suckers. You went to wrong city. I'm headed for Milwaukee. Catch me if you can losers. HA-HA-HA-HA!”

We were all really pissed off.

"Okay let’s just head for Milwaukee." i said.

"It’s a 22 hour drive for them to head to Milwaukee in an avoidance maneuver" said Athena. (N/A: yes, I looked it up)

"Yeah for us it'll be just a few hours at least by flight. And we can split up and try to meet him in-between Toronto and Milwaukee." I said.

"Alright we'll try it. But since it was your idea, Athena, you and the boy we'll have to try to intercept Kronos. Understand." Zeus said.

"Yeah I got. You got Ma Lady?" I said.

"Yes, Jackson I understand." she said slightly irritated.

"My bad Ma'am." I said

"It’s alright." she said.

"Hey, ya know something?" I asked her.

"What?" she said back.

"I look forward to working with you, Goddess of Wisdom." I said, bowing respectfully.

"You may rise, I look forward to working with you too." she said with smile.

After a few hours we intercepted Kronos's forces in Marquette a town in the western Upper Peninsula. We got his forces just outside of town actually and managed to make it seem like just some car trouble. We searched the car no Kronos, no Titans, no Monsters to take your frustration out on and no minor gods to see get a woopin' by the 12. Just a bunch scared Half-bloods. One of which was dead and had another message carved on him (poor kid), the message was "you should've gone straight for Milwaukee. By the way this kid and the one in Traverse City were brothers who watched each other die and it so much fun watching them. See in you Wisconsin."

Athena swore under her breath in Hebrew. I swore under mine in English, not because we'd missed him but because he killed those two guys. I took out a cell phone and called Zeus.

"Lord Zeus, he's headed your way we were right. The van we caught was a freaking decoy. See ya there." I said. I than threw the phone so it couldn't be tracked. It hit a semi.

"Direct hit." I said. That made me feel a lot better.

"So let’s get going." I said to Athena.

"Your right, there's no time to waste." she said. So we got on board her chariot and flew away. I played "In Color" by Jamey Johnson. We there in half hour, I guess those chariots travel at like the speed of light or something.

Ch. 17

Jack's POV

When we got over the lake, I saw Percy gesturing for me to come on down. So I jumped. My clothes and guitar were all dry, I assumed it was cause Percy wished it.

"Hey Percy, so any sight of Kronos?" I said.

"No though we've gotten word from our inside man, saying that he's here." he said.

"Alright, well Morpheus hasn't gone to work so how do you think the mist will cover this up?" I said.

"I don't know." he said.

"Well let's go find that A-HOLE." I said.

We swam out to the shore and got out of the water. We met up with our friends and the other gods.

"Alright, so what's the plan?" I asked Hades, I respected the god he really got screwed out of a good thing with that bet between his brothers.

"at this point we’re going to find Kronos and make him hurt all over." he responded.

"So nobody knows where he is?" I said.

"nope." he said back.

"Alright take care sir." I said walking away. As I went to find my girlfriend I bumped into Athena.

"Oh, hello ma Lady." I said.

"Hello Jackson, how'd that drop go?" she asked.

"I'm not immortal and I'm in one piece so pretty darn good for a guy like me." I said.

"Well if you'll excuse I really need to find my father, Lord Zeus." she said.

"Oh that's quite alright ma'am I was just on my way to visit my girlfriend." I said.

"Very well than, Strength and Honor." she said raising her spear.

"Strength and Honor." I repeated raising my sword.

i continued walking on till I met with Thalia.

"Hello beautiful." I said to her with passion.

"Hello sir." she said with an equal passion.

"So how was the ride here." i asked.

"Good, I actually did something really weird to get down here. My dad turned me into a bolt of lightning and threw me down to earth. When I reformed I was naked it was kinda like terminator." she said.

"Interesting, I just jumped into Lake Michigan from a goddess's chariot 3000 feet in the air. It was kinda cool." I said.

"Hey guys, the generals are having a meeting, so Jack, time to go." beck interrupted.

"What do ya mean? Since when am I a general. Since you lead the raid in Chicago." he said back, "now let's go!"

"Alright, hold on a sec." I said to Beck. "Hey honey I'm gonna be back later we can pass around a few beers later tonight bye." I said to my girl, she gave a soft kiss on my lips and I ran off.

"Okay, so who are the other generals?" I asked.

"The 12 Olympians, Hades, Percy, Nico and Thalia." he said.

"Then why'd you just take me I asked." cause the counsel wanted a private meeting between them and you. No Thalia" he explained.

"Okay why?" I said.

"Cause you're both new additions to General council, and the wanted to talk to you next." he explained. Once we got the meeting Beck left.

"Hello Jackson." the gods said

"Hello ma lords and ladies" I said with a bow.

"Hey Jack." said Percy and Nico

"Hey guys." I said. "So what am I here for?" I asked.

"We need to initiate you." said Zeus.

"Hold your wrist this will be quick." said Hades, as he grabbed a branding tool and heated it with hellfire. Next thing I know I this felt burning sensation on my wrist.

"So THIS is my initiation." I said with a wince.

"Unfortunately, yes." Hades said, "Alright that's enough. Apollo you can fix him up now." he said removing the branding tool from my wrist, Apollo came over and healed the burn but left the scar.

"Well that's not too bad." I said, rubbing the scar.

"So any word on Kronos yet?" I said. The next thing I know a dead body fell through the roof of the tent. It was our inside man. He had a note too, it read:

"Alright so you followed me here, but you can't find me. Well let's settle this in New York where it all ended last time. I'm tired of running anyway and nobody on your side or mine knows the lay of the land. So we may as well fight on a field where both familiar with. By the way this is my third kill this week. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!".

"I really hate this guy." I said.

"Everyone does." Hades said dryly.

"Guess we’re heading back to NYC." I said.

"Oh most definitely, we're going back now." Zeus said.

Ch. 18

Jack's POV

So I shadow traveled with Nico. It was like a really dark, really fast and really scary rollercoaster ride.

"Okay, that was weird." I said once we got back to New York.

"Yeah, everyone says that after their first time." Nico said with laugh.

"Was that a s*x joke?" I said.

"yes." said Nico laughing his head off.

"Don’t flatter yourself man, it wasn't that funny." I said.

"ya know what, you're right." he said. Next thing we know half the camp was back with Hades. He didn't even look remotely phased.

"We’ll be right back." said Hades taking his sons hand, next thing I know they were both gone. "Must be the Helm of Darkness." I thought. As soon as I finished that thought they were back with the other half of the camp and 6 of the gods.

"Where’s the other 6?" I asked.

"Zeus is already at Olympus with Hera, Demeter, Ares and Athena, oh and Aphrodite is at a salon in Beverly Hills." replied Hades.

"Wow you gods’ sure work fast around here." I said, ignoring Aphrodite lack of involvement. She probably wasn't gonna much help anyways.

"Yeah now let’s get to Olympus." he said. Next thing I know we were all in the Olympian throne room.

"Alright now, can we get a map in here?" I said. Next thing I know there i was a giant holographic map of The Entire City of New York. "Alright everyone, say Thank You Lady Athena." I said.

"Thank You Lady Athena." they all said, including the gods.

"You’re Welcome." she said with a smile. I took out my sword.

"Okay our position is here at the empire state building." I said, pointing to our position on the map. "Kronos's position last time was here at the U.N. headquarters." I said pointing to the Position on the map.

"Now huntress's, Apollo campers and Hermes Campers you guys take the tunnels." i said pointing the 3 main tunnels into New York. "Ares's Campers split up and cover their backs. Athena campers split up and cover Percy, Thalia and Nico. Aphrodite Campers go to every single mall, department store, and any other place that you can think of that sells perfume and mix ‘em together into the most noxious fume you can make and place them outside the U.N. Building. Demeter campers create as much under growth at the tunnels as you can, preferably in the form of archer holes. Hephaestus campers split up into two groups one for warriors and one for engineers. Warriors of Hephaestus split up into 8 more groups. Guard the 6 main forces, here and the Aphrodite campers. Any Questions or Comments." two people rose their hands.

"Yes, Hades, what is my lord?" I asked.

"Two questions: 1. did you come up with this great plan on your own? And 2. Where does this leave the gods?" he asked.

"i did come up with on my own and you'll be Nico's 2nd in command, Zeus you'll be Thalia's #2, Poseidon you’re #2 to Percy. Ares You'll Lead whichever group of Ares campers you feel like leading, however you’re the 2nd in command to Clarisse. Athena you'll be 2nd command to Annebeth and have control over the Athena Campers Stationed with Thalia. Dad you'll guard your campers following the Aphrodite Campers. Demeter You'll lead all the Demeter Campers. Artemis take care of your huntresses, Apollo take care of your children, Hermes same to you." I said. "Any more questions and comments?" i asked. Athena raised her hand and so did my brother Tom (N/A: yeah Tom, you know from the beginning of the story).

"Athena, what's up?" I said.

"Are you sure you’re not Mine?" she joked.

"Yep pretty sure, what's up Bro?" I said.

"Can you do a concert real quick?" he asked.

"Yes we absolutely can." I said. So I took out the guitar, which I had on me this whole time. The gods stepped down from there thrones and the throne room converted to an amphitheatre. A full concert stage rose from where the thrones were. Claire took the Drums, Percy took up the Bass, Annebeth took the Keyboard, Nico grabbed another Bass, Beck took on the Saxophone and Thalia took up the Position second Guitarist and Lead Female Vocalist. I of course took on the Lead Guitar and Male Vocals.

"Alright, this first song is dedicated to our old friend Luke, it's called Mess of Me. enjoy." I said.

"I am my own affliction! I am own disease! There ain't no drug that could sell! Nah, there ain't no drug to make me well! There ain't no drug, there ain't drug, it's not enough. THE SICKNESS IS MYSELF!!! I made a Mess of Me! I wanna get back the rest of me. I wanna spend the rest of my life Alive, The Rest of My Life ALIVE!!!!" I sang. The crowd loved it. They all seemed to think that's what Luke thought once he came back to our side. "This next song is dedicated to my lady, Thalia, its called Comatose. I hope you like it too, but i really hope she likes." I said.

"I hate feeling like this. i'm so tired of trying to fight this. I'm Asleep and all I dream of is waking to you. Tell me that you will listen. Your touch is what I'm missing. And the more hide I realize I'm slowly loosing you. Comatose, I'll never wake up without an Overdose of YOU!!! I don't wanna Sleep, I don't wanna Dream!!!!! Cause my dreams comfort me the way... you make me feel. WAKING UP TOO YOU NEVER FELT SO REAL." i sang. Thalia cried she loved it so much. And so did the crowd. "This next one is called Rebirthing and we dedicate to Percy and Annebeth, the father and mother to be. Enjoy.". Okay so we started with the opening guitar and sang.

"I lie here paralytic inside this soul. screamin' for you till... my throat is numb. I wanna break out, i need a way out. i don't believe that it's gotta be this way. The worst is the waiting. In this womb I'm sufficating. Feel your presence filling up my lungs with oxygen. I'll take you in. I've died, REBIRTHING NOW!!!! i wanna live for love wanna live you in me!!!" i sang and then Thalia came and sang. (N/A: the female vocals start just before the male ones stop) "-me!!! For the first time now i feel alive somehow." Percy and Annebeth loved it. And Percy made an announcement.

"Yeah uhhh, thanks Jack, thanks Thalia. Actually we got another anoucement. We want you two to be the god parents." Percy said.

"Wow dude we're touched." I said.

"We really are." thalia added.

"We will be the best godparent’s ever." i said

"And we'll try not screw your kid up."Thalia added with a smile.

"Yeah now that, that's out of the way I think it's time we made our announcement." I said.

"I think so too." Thalia said.

"What anoucment?" asked Percy, Me and Thalia exchanged looks. She nodded.

"Okay, well me and Thalia here, we’re Engaged." I proclaimed

"DUDE!?!?!" Percy exclaimed.

"Now enough of that let's rock out." I said. The crowd cheered.

"This next one is about what Luke was thinking when Kronos killed him. It’s called It's Not Me, It's You! Enjoy."

"Let’s get the story straight you were a poison. You flooded through my veins, you left me broken. And you tried to make me think that blame was all on me with the pain you put me through. And now I know that IT'S NOT ME, IT'S YOU! It’s not me, it's you! Always has been you. All the lies and pain you put me through." I sang. The crowd cheered.

"Okay now us boys got a song just for you girls about us. It’s called Princes and Frogs. However this song goes mainly for mortal men." I said. We sang the song and the girls totally got the hint.

"Okay we're gonna let the girls take over now. So check it out." I said stepping back and letting Thalia take the mike.

Thalia's POV

"Okay so this is a song about hard ship it's called We Live." i said. We started the song.

"there's a cross on the side of the road where a mother lost her son. How could she know that morning he left would be their last time she'd trade with him for a little more time (so she could say she loved him one last time) and hold him tight. But with life we never know when we're coming up to the end of the road. So what do then with tragedy around the bend? We live, we love, we forgive and never give up. Cause the days we are given are gifts from above and today we remember to live and to love." me and Annebeth sang (her line was the one in parenthesis). And then Percy broke in and sang.

"There’s a man who waits for the test to see if the cancer has spread yet and now he asks ‘so why did I wait to live till it was time to die? If I could have the time back how I'd live. Life is such a gift.’ So how does the story end? Well, this is your story and it all depends. So don't let it Become true, Get Out and Do What We Were Meant to Do." he sang. The crowd loved the song and so did we.

"Okay, so this next one is called Stand in The Rain. It’s about how us girls are just having trouble in this life so we gotta learn to press on." I said.

"She never slows down. She doesn't know why, but she knows... that when she's... all alone, feels like its all coming down. She won't turn around, the shadows are long and she fears if she cries that her tear, the tears will not stop raining down. so stand in the rain, stand your ground, stand up when it's all crashing down, you stand through the pain you won't drown and one day when what's lost can be found you stand in the rain." I sang. Every girl loved and so did the guys.

"This next song is called Hero it’s a different version of the song Jack sang a while back, but enjoy it." I said.

"No one sits with him, he doesn't fit in, but we feel like we do and we make fun of him. Cause you want to belong, do you go along? Cause his pain is the price paid for you to belong. it's not like you hate him or want him to die, but maybe he goes and thinks suicide or he comes back to school with a gun at his side, any kindness from you might have saved his life... heroes are made when you make a choice... you could be a hero, heroes do what's right, you could be a hero, you might save a life, you could be a hero, you could join the fight, for what's right, for what's right, for what's right..." I sang and later Percy came in and sang.

"Little Mikey D. was the one is class who everyday got brutally harassed. This went for years until he decided that never again would he shed another tear. So he walked through the door, and grabbed the four four out of his father's dresser drawer and said i can't take life no more and like that life can be lost. But this ain't even about that, all of us just sat back and watched it happen! thinkin' it's not my responsibility to solve a problem that isn't about me! this is our problem, this is just one of the daily scenerios which we choose to close our eyes instead of doing the right thing, if we make a choice and be the voice for those who won't speak up for themselves! How many lives would be saved, changed rearranged, now it's our time to pick a side. So don't keep walkin' by, not wantin' to intervene! Cause you wanna exist and never be saved, so let's wake up and change the world, our time is now!" Percy said he tensed up on those last few lines; we all kinda stared at him.

"What you didn't know I felt so strongly about people intervening and teen suicide. You’ll find that can I be very deep." he said.

"Okay, well enough of the really touchy subjects lets sing about feeling abandoned but knowing you haven’t really been abandoned. This song is called Never Alone" I said.

"i waited for you... today, but you didn't show (no no no). I needed you... today. So where... did you Go? You told me to call, said you'd be there and though i haven't seen you (are you still there?). I cried out with no reply and i can't feel you by my side. so I'll hold tight to what I know. You’re here and I'm Never ALONE. And though i cannot see you, and I can't explain why. Such a deep, deep reassurance, you've placed in my life (whoaaaa!), we cannot separate cause you're part of me. And though you're invisible I'll trust the unseen. I cried out with no reply and I can't feel you by my side so I'll hold tight to what I know you're here and I'm never alone!" I sang, the crowd was moved and they loved the song.

"Okay, so this our last one than I'm gonna let Jack take the mike back. This next song is about having challenges and rising up past them, the song is called One More." i said.

"It feels like I have lost this fight. They think that I am staying down, but I'm not giving up tonight. Tonight the wall is coming down. i am stronger than my fears, this mountain that i climb, got 100 steps to go. Tonight I'll make it 99. One more, go one more, yeah, yeah. Don’t stop now, go one more yeah, yeah. One more, go one more, yeah, yeah." I sang everyone, Man and Woman alike, loved the song.

"Okay that was intense, Jack you can have the mike back." I said

"Alright, folks the boys are back in town however we got a few more songs for the girls, one about being a fake person and one about bullying and just plain being judgmental. Enjoy." Jack said. He’s a good man and that's why I love him.

Jack's POV

I tuned my guitar and started the song.

"She is running, a hundred miles an hour in the wrong direction. She is trying, but the canyon's ever widening in the depths of her cold heart. So she sets out on another misadventure just to find. She’s another 2 years older and she's 3 more steps behind. Does anybody hear her, can anybody see or does anybody even know she's going down today, under the shadow of our steeple with all the lost and lonely people searching for the hope that's tucked away in you and me. Does anybody hear her, can anybody see? She is yearning for the shelter and affection that she never found at home, and she is searching for a hero to ride in to ride in and save the day, and in walks her prince charming and he knows just what to say momentary lapse of reason and she gives herself away. Does anybody hear her, can anybody see, or does anybody even know she's going down today under the shadow of our steeple with all the lost and lonely people, searching for the hope that tucked away in you and Me." I sang. People thought it was a good song.

"Okay, this next song is called Stained Glass Masquerade. Thalia, I'm gonna need you on this one."

"Is there anyone that fails? Is there anyone that falls? Am I the only one in church today who feels so small? Because when I take a look around everybody seems so strong, i know they'll soon discover that I don't belong. So I'll tuck it all away, like everything's okay. If I make ‘em all believe it, maybe I'll believe it too. So with a painted grin, I play the part again so everyone will see me... the way that I see them! Are we happy plastic people of a shining plastic steeple? With walls around are weakness and smiles that hide our pain. But if the invitation’s open to every heart that has broken maybe than we close the curtain on our stained glass masquerade." I sang.

"Is there anyone who's been there, are there any hands to raise, am I the only one who's traded in the altar for a stage? The performance is convincing we know every line by heart. Only no one is watching can we really fall apart." Thalia sang.

"But would it set me free I if dared to let you see, the truth behind the person that you imagine me to be. Would you arms be open, or would you walk away, or would the love of Jesus be enough to make you stay. Are we happy plastic people, of a shining plastic steeple, with walls around our weakness and smiles that hide our pain? But if the invitations open to every heat that has been broken, maybe then we close the curtain on our stained glass masquerade." we both sang. I started my guitar (country vibe by the way) and started the song.

"It’s crowded in worship today as she slips in trying to fade into the faces. The girls teasing laughter is carrying farther than they know (farther than knooooow). But if we are the body, why aren't his arms reaching? Why aren't his hands healing? Why aren't his words teaching? And if we are the body, why aren't his feet going? Why is his love not showing them there is a way? There is a way. A traveler is far away from home. He sheds his coat and quietly sinks into the back row. The weight of their Judgmental Glances tells him that his chances... are better out on the road. But if we are the body, why aren't his arms reaching? Why aren't his hands healing? Why aren't his words teaching? And if we are the body, why aren't his feet going? Why is his love not showing them there is a way? Jesus paid much too high a price for us to pick and choose who should come and we are the body of Christ." I sang. People really liked those songs.

"Okay, this next one is about love and depression. It’s called The Last Night. enjoy." I said. I slammed on the guitar, and Annebeth played them keys pretty good starting the song.

"You come to me with scars on your wrist. You tell me this will be the last night feeling like this." I sang.

"I just came to say goodbye, didn't want you to see me cry I'm fine." Thalia sang.

"But I know it's a LIE! This is The Last Night you'll spend alone; look me in the eyes so I know you Know. I'm everywhere you need me to be. The last night you'll alone, I'll wrap you in my arms and I won't let go. I'm everything you need me to be. Your parents say everything is your fault, but they don't know you like I know you. They don't know you at all." I sang.

"I'm so sick of when they say it's just a phase you'll be okay you're fine." Thalia sang. (N/A: this is the only time I'll write the full song in, check these songs out though.)

"But I know it's a lie. This is the last night you'll spend alone, look me in the eyes so I know you know. I'm everywhere you want me to be. The last night you'll spend alone, I'll wrap you in my arms and I won't let go. I'm everything you need me to be. The last night away from me... the night is so long when everything's wrong if you give me your hand I will help you hold on. Tonight... tonight... this is the last night you'll spend alone; look me in the eyes so I know you know. I'm everywhere you want me to be, the last night you'll spend alone, I'll wrap you in my arms and I won't let go. I'm everything you need me to be. I won't let you say goodbye, and I'll be your reason why. The last night away from me... away from me…" I sang finishing the song.

"Okay this is our last song, it's called Ignition. It’s meant to prepare for something big." I said. I sang the song and the crowd was riled up. We were ready to take out Kronos.

"Who’s ready to get Kronos out of our hair for good?!?!?!?!" I shouted. They all cheered.

"Ya know what I don't think you heard me, i said WHO'S READY TO KICK KRONOS OUT OF OUR LIVES FOR GOOD?!?!?" I shouted. They cheered even louder. "Alright, now let’s get out there and get Medieval on that punkass titan with bigger Napoleon complex than Napoleon himself!" I shouted. Oh yeah they were ready.

Ch. 19

Jack's POV

I went with Percy as the Mortal 2nd in command of the scurvy forces (that's what we called Percy and Poseidon’s team) and the leader of the Hephaestus cabin. And here came Kronos's forces, me and Percy drew our swords and Poesiden got out a net and his trident. We were fight till our last breath. I made one last speech to the troops.

"Soldiers. Campers. Half-bloods. Freinds. Brothers and Sisters. That is what you are to me. If you are not ready to give your life something bigger than yourself... please put away your weapons and go back to camp. You don't have to do this." I said, but none of them left, "good, you are some of the bravest Soldiers I’ll ever meet, and i am proud to have called my friends and family. Some of us will die today knowing that you are not only the Best but you are the Bravest. If you find yourself wondering about in dark fields of grain, fear not for you are Elysium and you are already dead. Now in the words of The Great Maximus Decimus Meridius, Strength and Honor." I said, raising my sword.

"Strength and Honor!" they all shouted raising their weapons. I turned to my friend and his father.

"Strength and Honor." I said to them raising my sword.

"Strength and Honor." Percy said back raising his sword.

"Strength and Honor boys." Poseidon said raising his Trident.

"So are you ready to give your Lives?" He asked us.

"A hero's not afraid to give his life." said Percy.

"And if it kills us tonight... we will be ready to die." I said.

"Than I misspoke earlier, you’re not Boys you're Men with the hearts of gods." Poseidon said with a smile. We raised our Battalion’s flag; it was sea green with a hammer and a trident in an X-position and Athena's helmet over them. And above the horizon we saw purple flags with scythes on them. It was gonna be one heck of a fight. A half-hour later our army's were face to face. A warrior wherein a torn up prisoners uniform and bronze armor over it. The warrior was Kronos.

"Hello boys," he said. "Quite a fine army you have to bad i have to destroy it. However you could make that stop if you just swear your allegiance to me." I drew my sword and cut him across his face.

"Consider that our declaration of war." I said with great intensity.

"Nice one." he said like he was disappointed. "Soldiers, kill them all."

next thing I know I dodged arrows, killed monsters, knocked out Half-bloods and beat the crap out of Titans (literally some of them actually crapped their pants). Percy took twice as many soldiers in half the time. I gave him a look like "What The Heck Was That?".

"The Achilles Curse." he said

"ohhhh." I responded.

However Poseidon took out twice as many troops as Percy in half the time. So that's four times as many as me in one quarter of the time. We looked around after an hour, we'd lost more men on our side than Kronos had and Kronos lost half of his troops. I was ready to get back out there, when I had an idea. I once read that if the fates allow it two warriors can fight each other one on one in any form of combat of the challengers choosing and the both warriors have to fight each other completely mortal. I went to tell the Generals about it. It metwith mixed praise.

Apollo was like "DUDE THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!!!"

Hermes said "are you mad, that could mean the destruction of Olympus!"

Percy said "I’ve always followed my gut and it's worked out for me, so I’ll back you up on this."

Nico said "Dude this is risky you sure you wanna go for it?"

Zeus said "if you fail we will dishonor your name until it can never be spoken properly."

Hades vouched for me saying "this man is a great warrior and an even greater fighter. And he's risking his own life to save Olympus and save lives. We owe him our respect and our praise. And if he loses we shouldn't dishonor him as a fool, but honor him as a fallen hero. Now Jack what is your challenge for Kronos?"

"It’s a traditional Modern Boxing match, 15 rounds max, a ring, gloves and a coach." I explained.

"Who’s your coach?" Hades asked.

"You are. You met Nico's mother at a fight club in Rome. You’re a good boxer and besides a lot of folks in you realm were fighters when they were alive." I said

"Alright I’ll be your coach." he said.

"Cool, yo Percy I need you need down to my apartment and get my old Sketchers. They’ve given me good luck in every single boxing match I’ve ever had." I said

"I’m on it." he said.

I went down to the field and told Thalia she wasn't very crazy about the idea of a Combattiment Finale Dei Mortali or Final Combat of The Mortals.

"Are you crazy Kronos, could kill you." She said.

"Thalia think, we Half-bloods face death every freaking day. And at least this way... no one else has to get hurt. At least this way I go out fighting. If I’m going down I’m going down with dignity." I said.

"Okay, but please don't die on me. I don't think I can handle another man I love dying on

Me." she said with a teary eye.

"Don’t worry my lady I won't die. Cause it's not my time to die. Besides Kronos probably doesn't know crap about boxing." I said with a laugh, she smiled.

"Hey Jack. I got your sketchers." Percy called out.

"Thanks, man. Hey dude I need you to be one of my corner men. Get Nico and Beck too." I said.

"I’ll let 'em know." Percy said as he ran off.

I gave Thalia one last kiss. I didn't know if I was coming back. But I knew I’d see her again.

Ch. 20

Jack's POV

So I ran out to the enemy line with Beck and Nico, carrying with a flag of peace.

"Alright Kronos, I have challenge for you." I said.

"Let’s hear it." he said with a savage smile, he was a stone cold killer I could tell.

"I propose what is known as a Final Combat of The Mortals." I said. Everyone on Kronos's side shook with fear.

"What are the specifics of the challenge?" Kronos said, even he was a little unnerved.

"Modern boxing match; just two men in a boxing ring with a few other guys standing outside helping the fighters stay alive. Gloves, a ring, a coach, two fighters, and everything else there is for boxing we'll have." I said.

"And what happens if I refuse?" Kronos said, and I could tell he was intimidated.

"You’ll lose automatically according to the fates." I said. He looked me like he was looking for any tells that I was lying.

"All right I accept your challenge." Kronos said he reached out shake my hand as an agreement.

"We have cut our hands." I said.

"Excuse me?" Kronos said.

"It needs to be a blood swear to make it legit." I explained.

"Fine!" Kronos said with more intensity than if he shouted. Nico handed me a knife. I pressed to my right hand and slit it. I winced from the pain. The knife over so that I held the blade of it.

"Your turn Titan." I said, handing him the knife. He took the knife and slit his right hand. He handed the knife back to Nico. Nico took slightly nervous, like he thought Kronos was gonna shank him. I reached my bloody hand out to Kronos and he took it his own. We shook our hands, and as we did Kronos looked at me and whispered "I will kill you, you have no chance.""Yeah, and best of luck to you as well." I whispered back sarcastically. We looked into the black of each other’s eyes and I saw that he was ready to take my life and he saw that I was ready to give my life.

We walked down to the middle of time square.

"Now first the god of war must make the ring" said the 1st fate.

"Why me?" asked Ares.

"Because as the god of war you must create the ring to make it legitimate." said the 2nd fate

"Alright I’ll do it." he said.

"Good, next you and the three of us must scroll our signatures on here." said the 3rd fate.

Next thing we know Ares slammed his fist into the ground and spread it in the ground, making a perfect square in the pavement. He a square in the ground like you might do in wet sand at the beach. He then slammed four spears in the ground, one at each corner. He then grabbed some twine from Athena and strung it up on the spears, and let me say he made even that look violent; I’m talking like unrated movie violent. Ares than took a knife and carved it into one of the spears in ancient Greek. The fates carved their names in a language that was alien even to the gods.

"The seal is complete now let the fight begin." Said the fates. Me and Kronos stepped into the ring, the fight was about to begin.

Ch. 21

Jack's POV

"In this corner here weighing in at 190 lbs the One, the Only Jackson 'The King' Daniel Rucker!!!!" Percy called out. Half the crowd cheered wildly.

"and this corner weighing in at 364 lbs the Creator of Nightmares, The Titan Lord of Time, Kronos" Called out a titan named Hyperion. The other half cheered for him.

"Alright fellas, I want a good clean fight, no biting, and no blows below the belt, no weapons besides your fists got it?" Ares said.

"I got it Uncle Ares." I said.

"I got it Grandson." said Kronos.

"Alright when bell rings come out of your corners fighting." Ares said.

I went into to my corner and waited for the bell.

"Okay Jack the old man's got a weak left shoulder, hit him high and you'll get him good." said Hades.

"Thanks for the tip Hades." I said.

The bell rang and I went for an outside fighting stance. I hopped around the ring waiting for him to strike. After 20 minutes he came at me and I struck him first. I got him in the head so he was dissoranted I started striking him left and right in the head. He finally knocked me in my jaw. I got him his left 5th rib. He wobbled back, he was disoriented. I than grabbed his shoulder and struck him his left ribs some more. He didn't like that... not... one... bit. So he threw me off and struck me in the head he almost knocked me out. But I got back up. I than struck him in his shoulder. I got him good. He then tried to strike in my right shoulder but I dodged it and punched him in his back. This went on for 13 more rounds, till Kronos started to get my tactics so I went from outside fighter to orthodox. We knocked each other around for 1 more round, till' I finally couldn't take much more I was ready to give up, I’d lost. But than I heard a voice shout "get up Jack, get up! Fight jack, fight! I love you Jack, don't leave me! DON'T GIVE UP!!!!” I looked up. It was Thalia. I rose up and shouted

"Yo Kronos... is that all ya got?" he looked at me like I had just rose from the dead. He came at me like he was ready to kill me, but I dodged his blows. And I hit him 12 times in his head, but finally hit me in the head I fell down again. I couldn't see anything. but than I got this flash of Luke.

"C’mon Punk get up. You can't let this a-hole beat ya. He’s not god or titan now he's just a man. He’s like you. Now get up you LITTLE PUNK! Cause Luke loves you and Thalia, you're my family. And if I see you in Elysium or the isles of the blessed I’ll bring you back so I can kill you again. You got it?" he shouted at me.

"Yeah I got it!!! I can't give in, I WON'T GIVE IN!!! Cause I’m fighting something more than power I’m fighting for freedom and even more importantly my woman and the other people I love! Thanks man." I said. I got back up it felt like it had been ten minutes but it was 7 seconds. I hit Kronos in the head with all I got. He fell down hard.

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!!!!! And The King wins it!" cried Ares. The team was excited beyond belief. Hades cut the ropes, and He and Percy Hoisted me on their shoulders. They set me down and I ran to Thalia, we embraced each other.

"I thought I lost you there." she said.

"I know I thought I lost you too." I said back.

"So when do you wanna get married?" she asked.

"How 'bout now?" I said back.

Ch. 21

Thalia's POV

When he said that... my heart soared farther Zeus could even allow his children to, it soared farther than he was allowed to. I was so overjoyed to hear it.

"Well what do you think about that?" he said.

"I’d love that so much." I said.

"Great. Yo everyone!" he shouted.

"Let’s get to Olympus we got wedding to go to!" I finished for him. We knew each other so well.

"Yo, Hades, I’d be honored if you'd be the minister at our wedding." said Jack.

"I’d be glad to do It." he said oddly enthusiastically.

"Hey annebeth would you be my Made of Honor at the wedding?" I asked.

"Of course I would." she said enthusiastically.

"yo percy i need you to be my best man at the wedding. You down for it?" Jack asked.

"Heck yeah I’m down for It." he said back.

"Okay now go get Nico, Beck and Claire and tell them their ushers for the wedding." Jack said.

"i'm on it." Percy said back.

i found 4 of my gal pals and told them their my brides maids. When we finally got to Olympus we had just enough time to get all dressed. The Hermes Cabin raided a Tuxedo store and the Aphordite cabin made these beautiful dresses. When we got out to the throne room it had been converted to a church steeple. I walked in and Nico had summoned Luke’s ghost as the one to give the bride away. He looked so happy for us. We walked down and I was given away. When I saw Jack I thought he looked so great in a Tux. "Maybe he should where one more often." I thought to myself. He smiled at me and removed my veil. We were ready to start our life together.


Jack's POV===

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to wed these in holy matrimony." Hades said.

I thought to myself "I must've done something right to disserve this amazing woman."

"Now is there anyone here who has a reason why these two should not be Wed." said Hades.

"ARE YOU KIDDING? GO GET EM JACK!!!" called out my brother Tom.

"Alright then, so do you Thalia Stewart Grace take Jackson Daniel Rucker to be your lofley wedded husband, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, for better or for worse, as long you both shall live?" said Hades.

"I do!" exclaimed my now wife.

"And do you, Jackson Daniel Rucker take this woman to have and to hold, under all circumstances mentioned?" Hades asked.

"Let me ask you something sir, why would I be here if I didn't? Why would have gone to all this trouble for this woman, if I didn't want her for all my life? Of course I’ll say I do. I’d say it a thousand times if I could. So...I DO!" I shouted.

"With that said you may now kiss the bride." said Hades.

"You’re darn right." I said moving in to kiss my new wife.

We walked out and drove down to Camp. And still all dressed up we held another concert.

"C’mon ya’ll! Alright, alright, alright. Yeah it's alright, alright. ALRIGHT! Don’t need no five star reservations, I got spaghetti and...A cheap bottle of wine. Don’t need no concert in the city... I got a stereo and the best of Patsy Cline. ain't got no caviar, no dumperinyon. But as far as I can see I got everything I want, cause I got a roof over my head, the woman I love laying in my bed. And it's alright, alright." I sang. The crowd loved it.

"Okay this next one is called I Thought I Lost You. Enjoy" I said. Thalia sang the first part, and I sang the second and everybody loved it.

"Okay, are you ready to go into a coma cause this next one is Comatose!" I said.

"i hate feeling like this, dead wrong to ever doubt this. I’m asleep and I’m all I dream of is Waking to you. Tell me that you will listen; your touch is what I’m missing. And the more I hide I realize I’m slowly losing you. Comatose, I’ll never wake up with an overdose of YOU!!! I don't wanna sleep, I don't wanna dream. Cause my dreams don't comfort me the way you make feel. Waking up to you never felt so REAL!!!" I sang.

"Okay this one's about my fight with Kronos, its called Never Surrenders. So listen good, cause this is about how unpleasent that the will to surrender is." I said.

"Do you know what it's like when you're scared to see yourself? Do you know what it's like when you're not who you wanna be? Do you know what it's like to wanna surrender? i don't wanna feel like this tommorow. i don't wanna live like this today. Make me feel better, I wanna feel better. Stay with me here now and Never Surrender." I sang. The crowd loved it.

"Okay, now this one is about my thoughts prior to my actual fight with Kronos. It’s called Bulevard of Broken Dreams. enjoy." when i said that, Thalia face just lit up cause she was a huge fan of Green Day. We sang the song and the crowd loved it. (N/A: I don't rememebr the lyrics, sorry)

We played some more songs that everyone loved and we did this for years. We actually named the band and became professionals. "This was a good deal" I thought one day. We kept playing for years.


Jack's POV

A month later Annebeth gave birth. Her name was Lucy, she lived a good life but she died when she was 3. She was killed by garden snake when she was playing Percy in their back yard. We all took it hard but okay. I mean Annebeth was rightfully shook up, but man Percy took it so much worse. I eventually signed him up for therapy with Persephone. I went to therapy with him, cause Persephone was known for taking advantage of men when their at their weakest. Nothing happened thank goodness. So after a month of feeling like crap Percy and I wrote a song together, as part of his therapy. We named the song Lucy after his dead daughter. We played it at our concert a few months later, when we first went on tour.

"Hey Lucy, I remember you name... I left a dozen roses on your grave today. I’m in the grass on my knees, wipe he leaves away. I just came to talk for a while, got some things I need to say. Now that it's over I just wanna hold her. I’d give up all the world to see that little piece of heaven staring back at me. now that it's over I just wanna hold her, I gotta live with the choices I made and I can't live with myself today. Hey Lucy, I remembered your birthday. They said it'd bring some closure to say your name. I know I’d do it all different if I had the chance. But all I got are these roses to give and they can't help me make amends. Now that it's over I just wanna hold her. I’d give up all the world to see that little piece of heaven looking back at me. Now that it's over I just wanna hold her. I’ve gotta live with the choices I made and I can't live myself today. Here we are! Now you're in my arms, I’ve never wanted anything so bad. Here we are! For a brand new start living the life that we could've had. Me and Lucy walking hand in hand. Me and Lucy never wanna end. Just another moment in your eyes. I’ll see you in another life in HEAVEN, where we never say goodbye. Now that it's over I just wanna hold her. I’d give up all the world to see... that little piece of heaven looking back at me. Now that it's over I just wanna hold her. I’ve gotta live with the choices I made and I can't live myself today. Here we are, now you're in my arms. Here we are for a brand new start. I’ve got to live the choices I’ve made and I can't live with myself today. Me and Lucy walking hand in hand, me and Lucy never wanna end. i've gotta live with the choices I’ve made and I can't live with myself today. Hey lucy I remember your name...” Percy sang that song and I backed him on the piano. I was sad for Percy but I’m glad finally learned to live with his sadness. i was walking down the street with him one day and he asked me

"Do you think I’ll ever, ya know, get over It." referring to his daughter.

"Living with the death of a person close to you isn't something you get over, you just learn to Deal with the pain. I speak from experience, my mom was killed ya know." I said.

Later Percy and Annebeth gave IT another try and had another daughter, they named her Rebecca. Thalia and I later gave birth to our child Joy. We lived our lives to the fullest and I have no regrets.

a Cjspalding 17:30, March 9, 2010 (UTC) story

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