Jack Shrenhed
Jack Shrenhed (Gaia Avatar)
The Thief
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth May 7, 2085
Current age 13
Gender Male
Family Father: Hemes (God of Thieves)
Status Alve
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Ginger
Height 5'10
Alias The Thief
Affiliation The Pegasi Corps
Weapons Wand of Hrmes
Species Demgiod (Deus Humana)
Home New York, New York
Appearances The Pegasi Corps
Quests The Pegasi Corps


To be reaveled soon...

Abilites- (SPOILERS)

To be revealed soon...

MISC. FACTS ABOUT: Jack Shrenhed

Blood Type: B+

Companion(s): A ferret namd Chicken

Fear(s): Spiders

Favorite Activities: Stealing and running

Favorite Food(s): Any type, usually fast food

Pegasus: Brown (w/ white spots) pegasus named Charlie

Favorite God and/or Goddess: Hermes and Nike

Least Favorite God and/or Goddess: Hera and Zeus

Weight: 108 lbs


  • The Final Three

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