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Jamie as a teen.


Jamie holding a stuffed animal.

Jamie K

Jamie Audrey Kelly is the quarter-blood daughter of Alice Kelly and Luke Castellan.


Jamie was conceived the night her mother, Alice, lost her v*r*i*ity to Luke while being held captive on the Princess Andromeda. At the time, Alice was fifteen and Luke was nineteen, which means that it was technically statutory r*pe.

When Alice finds out that she's pregnant, she runs away and leaves Luke a lock of her hair. She stays at Camp Half-Blood until she has Jamie.


Like both her parents, Jamie's skin is pretty pale, but not quite deathly pale like Luke's. Her hair is light blonde with red streaks, a combination of Luke's white-blonde and Alice's strawberry blonde. Her brown eyes are a few shades lighter than Alice's. Overall, she looks more like her mother.


Jamie is mostly a very kind, outgoing, and playful little girl. She can, however, be very moody and emo. Strangely, she is obsessed with death, always asking "When am I dying?" "What does a dead person look like?" and chillingly "Does death feel relaxing?" Nobody can tell who that came from. Sure, Luke was a little angsty, but no one else in Jamie's family is that emo and death-obsessed. She also likes to "accidentally borrow" things from her friends, a trait from her father and grandfather (Hermes is, after all, the god of thieves).

Known Family

  • Alice Kelly (Mother)
  • Luke Castellan (Father)
  • Ann Fisher (Maternal grandmother)
  • Hades (Maternal grandfather)
  • Natasha Fisher (Maternal aunt)
  • Joseph Fisher (Step-grandfather)
  • Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll (Uncles)
  • Other children of Hermes (Aunts and uncles)
  • Hermes (Paternal grandfather)
  • May Castellan (Paternal grandmother, most likely deceased)


  • Hmm...pale, moody, emo, obsessed with death...if this doesn't give away who Alice's father is, nothing will!

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