Jane R

Jane Mary Roberts (nee Levata, born March 24, 1975) is a mortal.

Looking For Angels.

Jane appears once, when she is murdered.


Jane always never focused on her appearance too much. She always saved her spare money for her children. Jane dressed fairly maternal-motherly and had very curly, frizzy light brown hair. Her skin was slightly olive-toned but was always sort of ashen, like she was sick or worried. Her eyes were an odd shade of bark-brown and usually glittered with worry or happiness.


Thinkaboutthisname has not written a sufficient amount of Jane to know her personality. She does, however, have planned that Jane is a very heavy worrier and often thought about Natalia throughout the day. She focuses most of her time and energy on her children. She was very motherly and kind, giving up the world for her kids. She would take a bullet for her family.

Known Family.

  • Alfred Roberts, Husband.
  • James Roberts, Son.
  • Ryan Roberts, Son.
  • Unborn Daughter, Daughter.
  • Natalia Roberts, Daughter.

Unborn Daughter.

Jane was killed during her seventh month of pregnancy. It has not been revealed if somehow something saved the daughter or the baby was killed along with Jane. The child would have looked like this: Unborn baby


  • Jane is named after Jane from Tarzan. I f*cking love that movie.

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