Jane Wood

Jane at twenty years old.

Jane Calliope Wood (born August 13, 2372) is the 20-year-old, tenth-blood daughter of James Wood and Lillian Vera, a quarter- and sixth-blood respectively. Her heritage is of Hephaestus, Demeter, and Dionysus. Her sister is Jenna Wood.


One Last Chance

When Jenna and Percy meet Jane in Greece, she has joined the side of the Titans and constantly tries to stop the two from completing their quest.

Physical Description

Jane has long black hair, which is usually quite neat. She has ice blue eyes, and takes off after her father, with her eyes from her mother. She is slim, skinny and tall, and wears short skirts and has a lot of knowledge in the fashion category.


To put it in a simple form, Jane's main personailty is bitchy, and she knows that, and she's proud of it. She thinks she knows everything, and she hates her sister like her sister hates her.


  • Since Jane is a tenth-blood, her abilities are almost not there, but they still show.
  • Jane has the power to read thoughts, which Kronos gave her when she turned out to be a loyal spy for their side.
  • Jane has ADHD like all demigods, which heightens her battle reflexes, though she is quite a bit better at concentration than most other people of divine heritage.
  • Jane has dyslexia like all other demigods. This is because her brain is made to interpret Ancient Greek. However, she finds reading in any language difficult and a challenge.
  • Jane is hard to beat, because even though her fighting skill isn't too good, she knows exactly what you're going to do.

Known Family

  • James Wood (Father)
  • Lillian Vera (Mother)
  • Hephaestus (Paternal grandfather)
  • Dionysus (Maternal Grandfather)
  • All other Hephaestus' offspring
  • All other Dionysus' offspring
  • Jenna Wood (Sister)


  • Jess made Jane because she thought that Jenna needed a sister. And then she thought that she needed an evil sister.
  • Jane's theme song would be "The Best Damn Thing" by Avril Lavigne.
  • Jane ran away from home when she was ten. For no reason. Oh, the joy.

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