Jean Johnson
Human Parent:Michael Johnson and Kyra Musika
Date of Birth:October 5, 2020
Physical Description

Hair Colour:Black
Eye Colour:Brown

Jean Emma Johnson(born October 5, 2020) Michael Johnson and Kyra Musika.


Jean was a triplet born with Arthur and Zia, to Michael Johnson and Kyra Musika.

At age 5 she was sent to camp, where her father was working as a swords teacher. Later she joined a new incarnation of her parent's group, the Questers.


In Reincarnate, a girl named Jemma is stranded in the main timeline. It is implied that she is either Jean or her sister.


Power of Three

The Howl of the Hound


Jean is generally quick to complain and act pessimistic, but certain things make her happy. She tends to avoid things connecting her to painful memories and is secretly afraid her parenst would hate who she is. She has very few friends but those she has a very close to her.


  • Her favorite relatives are "Uncle" Zack and "Auntie" Ava
  • She inherited her fathers hair
  • She inherited her mother's eyes
  • She and Auntie Ava always go on trips to the Underworld. Hades thinks of her as another daughter.

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