A creature of near endless power and capability that had existed since the begining of time, devouring life and energy in its path as it moves through existance, it is believed to be the largest and most powerful Monster which in itelf it represents Monsters as their "God Category".



Jehovah's Ark is the Monster Alter-Ego of the the Orginal, "One God" and Creator, Jehovah. It is the largest of all Monsters and even dwarfs most of a Star System with its size as it is shown as a giant organic ship with planet sized orbes being a part of it, it seems that deep within it is a miniture Eden where a palace of Crystal resides, there rests the throne of Jehovah where those who sit upon its throne can descide the fate of the Universe. Like any creature it makes an echoing, roaring sound as it appears and the very space it rests in feels primal, those linked with the Ark (either physically, mentally or spiritually) have expressed massive powers that touch on infinte.


Lucifer Lansfeld as well as the Organic Weapon Yehovah are both waring in a race to gain Jehovah's Ark, both have come into contact with its power and are tainted with a link to the vessel

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