Jenna B

Jenna Alison Becker is the quarter-blood daughter of Travis Stoll and Elle Becker.


Jenna is born in chapter six.


Jenna looks more like Travis's side of the family than Elle's. She has pale skin and long, straight blonde hair. She has her mother's hazel eyes, but the eye shape is closer to Hermes's eye shape than anyone else's. She inherited her rounded face from Aphrodite and her unattached earlobes from Elle's father.


Jenna is fairly good at stealing (can steal a CD at the most without getting caught). She's an excellent flirt and very charismatic, being a relative of the love goddess. She is clumsy but slightly cunning. Jenna likes cherry blossom trees. Her major fault is that she's very hard on other people.

Known Family

  • Elle Becker (Mother)
  • Travis Stoll (Father)
  • Keira Stoll (Aunt)
  • Connor Stoll, Luke Castellan (Uncles)
  • Other children of Hermes (Aunts and uncles)
  • Silena Beuregard (Aunt)
  • Other children of Aphrodite (Aunts and uncles)
  • Aphrodite (Maternal grandmother)
  • Drew Becker (Maternal grandfather)
  • Shannon Stoll (Paternal grandmother)
  • Hermes (Paternal grandfather)


  • Oddly, Jenna bears a resemblance to Stella Jackson of Snowflakes fame. This was not intentional.

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