Jenna Wood

Jenna Wood at sixteen years old.

Jenna Leigh Wood (born April 23, 2376) is the 16-year-old, tenth-blood daughter of James Wood and Lillian Vera, a quarter- and sixth-blood respectively. Her heritage is of Hephaestus, Demeter, and Dionysus.


One Last Chance

Jenna frees Percy from his prison where he his being held, immortal, by the Titans, and is the only one to go on the quest with him to retrive the gods' items of power to resurrect Olympus after Kronos' victory in 2009. (More to come.)

Physical Description

Jenna is described as a tomboyish girl with big green eyes and messy blond hair. She takes off after her mother, and only her eyes come from her father. She is repeatedly described by Percy as "Annabeth-like, with his green eyes". She has an atheletic build, and isn't skinny. She is about 5' 4" and weighs in at 143 lbs. She doesn't wear makeup, and most of her clothes are usually dirty and old. She isn't particularly pretty, and she constantly acknowledges that.


Jenna is stubborn and independent, and has been going out alone since the age of four years old. She likes to have fun, which is a result of her mother being a daughter of Dionysus. Like all demigods, she has ADHD and dyslexia, which means she cannot sit still and despises reading. Along with this, she has mild depression. It usually doesn't show up except at times where it's really, really unwelcome. She has a mutual dislike of her older sister, Jane Wood, who is as different from her as two sisters can be.


  • Since Jenna is a tenth-blood, her abilities are almost not there, butt they still show.
  • Jenna is a fairly good fighter, preferring to use a double-ended spear. Her parents trained her from a young age.
  • Jenna has ADHD like all demigods, which heightens her battle reflexes, though she is quite a bit better at concentration than most other people of divine heritage.
  • Jenna has dyslexia like all other demigods. This is because her brain is made to interpret Ancient Greek. However, she finds reading in any language difficult and a challenge.

Known Family

  • James Wood (Father)
  • Lillian Vera (Mother)
  • Hephaestus (Paternal grandfather)
  • Dionysus (Maternal Grandfather)
  • All other Hephaestus' offspring
  • All other Dionysus' offspring
  • Jane Wood (Sister)


  • Jenna scored a -3 on the Mary Sue Litmus Test. Jess thinks that she's been trying too hard.
  • Jenna has a slight crush on Percy at the beginning, but it fades in time.
  • Jenna's theme song would be Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day.
  • Jenna is eager to find out what the world was like before Kronos won.
  • Jenna always jokes her fatal flaw is chocolate. She eats way too much of it.

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