Jennifer Robinson~little girl

Jennifer as a little girl at Christmas time.

Jennifer Robinson

Jennifer Elizabeth Robinson (born September 2, 1993) is a demigod daughter of Athena.
Jennifer Robinson-2-

Love Is A Battlefeild

Title sort of explains stuff.


Jennifer is smart (obviously). She tends to find most classes boring and will fall asleep in them, but she likes to teach herself. She only wears a little bit of make up. She likes to read.

Known Family

  • Athena, mother
  • Peter Robinson, father
  • Katrina Robinson, step-mother
  • Annabeth Chase, half-sister
  • Other children of Athena, half-siblings


  • Jennifer lives in Toronto
  • She loves math for some reason
  • She's scared of spiders (like all Athena's children)
  • Manicans freak her out

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