Jessica Stele
The Daughter of Erebus
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth November 22nd 1998
Current age 14
Gender female
Family Ashlynn Stele (Mother) (deceased)

Erebus (father)

Status Alive
Eye Color violet
Hair Color black
Height 5'2"
Alias The Daughter of Erebus
Affiliation Olympus
Weapons Shadows; 'Primum et Ultimum' (Dagger)
Species Demi-Protogenos
Home Cabin 65
Appearances JUSTICE
Quests TBA

Jessica, The Daughter of Erebus

Jessica's lunaii version


The Primordials Awake

(Warning:Contains spoilers for The Primordials Awake)

Jessica is found by Stella Michaelson, an agent of Camp Half-Blood, at her high school in Colorado, and brought to Camp. The reason she was brought by Stella, and not a satyr, is because Camp had gotten an urgent, anonymous message giving her location and saying that there was a half-blood in trouble, and Stella was the only one who could get there fast enough. This was true, considering Jessica was being attacked by a Keres at the time. Jessica is relentlessly pursued by Nyx, her Immortal father's wife, because Nyx is insulted and astounded that her husband could ever be attracted to a mortal, and wants to 'disspose of the evidence'.


Jessica is sought out by her friend Stella to join a new team being formed by Aaren Hope, a daughter of Athena, to rival another group of half-bloods, a new threat to Olympus. Stella herself is not joining (she has buisness elsewhere) but recomended Jessica in her place.


As the Daughter of Erebus, Jessica can:

  • Dark Energy/Shadow Manipulation- Jessica can bend darkness to her will, to shield herself, attack her enemies, or hide herself.
  • Shadow Travel- Jessica can use shadows like a door to other places, though it does tire her.

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