Jessica as a young girl with Travis Stoll. Who stole the ice-cream for her.

Jessica Chase-Castellan

Jessica Marianne Chase-Castellan (born September 18, 2012) is the Quarter-blood daughter of Annabeth and Luke.


Jessica was born a year and a half after her 'cousin' Lilith. She was the miracle child, as Annabeth had had a miscarriage before her. She grew up with her father and mother and most of her family. She lives at camp and sees her parents every school-year. She has no real special powers unless you count being smart and the ability to steal stuff a power.


Being related to Luke and Annabeth, Jessica has blonde hair. Her hair has been blonde since the day she was born. Her eyes are ice-blue, a trait from Hermes. She has pale skin, free of freckles. Her eyes when she was young were green. Now they've become ice-blue. No one knows where the green came from.


Jess is a kleptomaniac. She can't go a week without stealing someone's pencil, some candy, a sweat-shirt. It is mentioned she gets along well with the Stoll brothers for this. She is sweet, kind, and generous to those she gets along with. Others, not so much. She can be brutal and aggressive. She is smart, an straight-A student. Her favourite food is ice-cream and her favourite colour is light-blue.

Known Family.

  • Luke, Father.
  • Annabeth, Mother.
  • Hermes, Grandfather.
  • Athena, Grandmother.
  • Frederick Chase, Grandfather.
  • May Castellan, Grandmother.
  • Stoll Brothers, Uncles.
  • Any other Hermes or Athena relative is related to her.


  • Jessica is named after one of Thinkaboutthisname's school friends who is very nice to her most of the time.
  • She is loosely based off of TATN as an eleven year-old.
  • If any one reads this, tell me if you would like Jess to have a younger sibling. Discussion on this article, please.

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