Jessica Silverwing
Jessica Silverwing
"We only live once, true, but I just chose to live once...forever."
Hunter of Artemis
Daughter of Pluto
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth Unknown (really long ago)
Current age Unknown (she's immortal)
Gender Female
Family None (besides the Hunters)
Status Alive
Eye Color {{{eye}}}
Hair Color {{{hair}}}
Height 5'11"
Alias "The Huntress"
Affiliation Hunters of Artemis

The Deus Humana Camp Dimidium Sanguinis

Weapons -Bow and Arrow(s)

-Greek Fire

Species Demigod (Deus Humana)
Home Hong Kong, China
Appearances -The Deus Humana series
Quests -The War of the Styx


OCTOBER 29, 1927; 18:04- Jessica Silverwing becomes a Hunter of Artemis


Strengths and Weaknesses

Vital Statistics



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