Jonas Hamilton


Jonas is the son of Percabeth, God of Love, Couples, Charmspeak, Architecture and Tides, Praetor of 12th Legion Camp Jupiter. He has never seen his Mom or Dad but he had been told that Percabeth was really strong and that he looks like him a lot. So he was happy


Tom welling

Tom Welling Playing Jonas Hamilton in....

Jonas was found by Lupa and trained there until he was 13 and he made it into Camp Jupiter, he was taken into Cohort 2 and Welcomed, when Jason Decided to stay with the greeks after the giant war, so Reyna needed a new praetor so she put a Tournament and the winner would become Praetor and Jonas signed up, he faced octavian, which he beat, frank, he also beat until in the final against Dakota, He beat Dakota easy so, He Became Praetor of the 12th Legion and still is.


Jonas' powers are extensive. He has a powerful charmspeak, he is of genius intellect, has the mind of a mathematician and can control waves at a lesser rate than his father, but still at a strong level.


Tom Welling

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