Joseph Maya
Son of Pontus
Cabin Counselor
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 18th September
Current age 14
Gender Male
Family Pontus (father)
Status Alive
Eye Color Dark Blue
Hair Color Light blonde
Height 5'7'
Alias Joey
Affiliation Olympus
Weapons Spear


Species Demi-god
Home Camp Half-Blood
Appearances None
Quests None

Joesph Maya is a demigod son of Pontus, one of the primordial deities.


Joesph has never known his mother, just after he was born, he was given to his father, Pontus, because his mother did not want him and claimed that she was 'too young' to have a child. He lived with Pontus until a cabin was built at Camp Half-Blood for him, and he moved there.


He has dark blue sea coloured eyes, which are said to reflect the oceans depths. He has light blonde hair, like sand on a exotic beach shoreline. His is at medium height for his age and is keeping on growing.



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