4 years ago

Ellie sat on a tall chair doing her algebra homework with a half-eaten rainbow bread on the counter. Tapping her pencil on the table and rubbing her head, she tries her best to focus the instructions on the homework. Frustrated,she flips her brown long hair and looks at the clock. The hour hand was on the 3, then the other hand on the 9. 3:45 p.m. 2 hours before Dad could come, thought Ellie.

Hearing the churning garage opening, Ellie knew she made an erroneous assumption. She gathers all her homework and food, then raced upstairs to her room. She quickly closes the door and locks it. She then sits down on the floor and sighs. Touching her wooden floor, she senses her father’s steps coming to her room making a scratching noise.

“Ellie, open the door!” barks her dad. Smelling like wine and cigarettes, her father turned into the Grinch to yell. “Open the door or I will!'

The strawberry door exploded making powdery stuff flying everywhere, including her bread. Closing her eyes, Ellie edged close to the window. The Grinch lunges at her, and grips her right wrist, then gives her a drunken kiss on the lips. The Grinch now returns to her drunken dad.

“ I told you to open the door!” He dives in another disgusting kiss on Ellie’s lips, even worse than before. He gave her so many kisses, Ellie wants to throw it all up. Rather than that, she wants it to all end. Her eyes were still closed, and she searches for the metal lamp pole near her bookshelves with her left hand while her dad continually kisses her. She finally struck the coldness of the metal.

Her dad yells, “Oh no! You just didn’t! I’m way-” Too late for her dad, Ellie strikes her dad’s arms with the pole. He releases his grip her right wrist, leaving her wrist red. “ You little-”

Ellie makes another hit, she rubs her eyes, and it blinks for a moment. She shouts cheerfully, " Bad for bad, good for good. That's karma!"

“What bad things did I do?” Ellie hated that phrase, kids in her school, always talk back with that phrase when they really knew what they did. She hits one of the pressure points on her dad, who twitches.

“You know what you did last week, or every week. Right now what I'm doing is payback. Any last words? I seriously waited for this moment.” Ellie smiles like the angel of happiness.

“Go to (insert h-word), angel of death.” her dad answers grimly like a curse.

“That’s fine by me.” Ellie makes the killing blow on her dad’s neck with a satisfying crunch noise. She looks at the lighter and cigarettes that was protruding a little out of her father’s pocket, and smiles once again..

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