Julia S

Julia Marisa Swan is a thirteen-year-old demigod. She was adopted; her birth father is Percy Jackson, and her birth mother is unknown.

Little Fatherless Baby

Julia was given up for adoption at three days old. When she was seven months old, she was adopted by a family from Regina.

She goes to Camp Half-Blood.


Julia is a 5'5 female who weighs 125 lbs. She has fair skin, straight ebony-black hair, and violet eyes. She is quite pretty. Some say she looks like a mermaid.


Julia is insecure and still figuring out who she is. She likes to wear revealing clothing and heavy make-up. She can be very grumpy and mean, but she has a soft side sometimes.

Known Family


  • Her description is Mary Sue-ish on purpose.
  • Take out the "She likes to wear revealing clothing and heavy make-up" line, and the description of her personality fits Sparrowsong a lot.

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