Julie James is the daughter of Arete, the Goddess of Virtue. And John James, A candy store owner.


Julie found out about her parentage when she realised that she was reallt "The best she could be" and she reached Her highest human potential. She decided to ask her father why this was, and her father told her without hesitiation which in demigod terms is really unusual. The moment her father told her, her house was surrounded by black swirling clouds, Kakodaimones is the correct term for them. Demons of the dark. She battled with only a kitchen knife and a walking stick her grandfather owned. She battled and battled until the demons got the hint and slipped through the cracks in the ground. At this moment her father booked her a flight to New York and she made her way to New York to find Camp Half-Blood.

Powers and Abilities

Julie inherited her mothers powers. All her moral actions are Virtueous, she can also "Imprint" people into becoming more righteous. She also has been sworn as a chaste. She and her mother are like Artemis, they are sworn off men for life as Chastity is a moral quality. Julie however cannot help but tease men. Her desired animals are Black and white panthers. They live with her in her cabin and will instantly attack on command but if you befriend Julie they will be nice and calm around you.


  • 2 black and white Panthers
  • A pet parrot


Julie fights with:

  • Throwing Stars
  • Javelin
  • Square shaped shield

    Indiana- Julie

  • Net (Occasionally)



Indiana Evans

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