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Juliet when she was young, around the age of 7


When she was young, Juliet did ballet.

Juliet 'Julie/Jules' Annabelle Capp (born February 14, 1995) is a quarter-blood daughter of Aphrodite.

Star Crossed Love.

Juliet is the main character in this story. She is forced to go to a high-school age dance and is asked to it by David.


Juliet takes after her mother mostly. She has tanned skin and greyish icy blue eyes. Her hair is blonde and she tends to wear girly things. She is rarely seen without make up on and always has earrings in. She mostly wears high heels and other fashionable shoes. She is very pretty and is 5'7 and weighs 121 lbs. Her BMI is 18.9.


When it comes to personality, Juliet takes greatly after her grandmother. She is a bit of a snob and can be fairly rude. She is nice and very caring, however, and has many friends. She is very loving and a romantic girl, always looking for a new lover. She is very outgoing and patient.

Known Family.


  • Juliet is based off the original Shakespearean Juliet Capulet.
  • The last name Capp is taken from The Sims 2, in which they have a Romeo and Juliet neighbourhood.
  • Her nicknames are Julie, Julia, and Jules, though she is sometimes called Jewel.
  • She has literally got a quarter of divine blood, her father being mortal and her mother being a demigod.
  • Juliet does not fall for a Montague rip off. Instead she falls for Hermes.
  • Thinkaboutthisname does not own the photographed image.

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