Juliet Hart

Juliet is a greek demigod, a daughter of Eros.


Juliet is very beautiful. She has mid-length, straight, fawn-brown hair. Her eyes are hazel-green. She has cupid's-bow lips. She has hipster glasses but she makes them seem cool. Her hair is usually in a bun or a high ponytail.

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Juliet may seem vain or perky at first, but on the inside she is very loving and passionate. She stands up for things she cares about. She is lonely because she is the only camper in her cabin. She is witty and doesn't care what others think.


Father: Eros, god of love. He visited her when she was young and gave her some of his love arrows.

Mother: Kat Hart, the creator of a famous dating website. She is rich but not famous.

Fatal flaw

Juliet's fatal flaw is the fact that she is a hopeless romantic. She thinks that a prince will carry her off to a castle and they will live happily ever after. That's why she feels lonely, because she hasn't found the perfect prince yet.


Juliet led a regular life, but as her mother is rich she lived in luxury. When she was five her father visited her. He gave her a quiver of love arrows. She couldn't use them yet, as she was very young. When she was ten Eros visited again and gave her the matching bow. He told her about who she was and what he was. She went to Camp Half-Blood when she was thirteen, and she became part of the Hermes cabin, as she was unclaimed. When Kronos was defeated, Eros got a cabin and she was claimed.


Juliet has very few friends, as she is the only camper in the Eros cabin. She has a few from around the camp, though.

  • Kyler Crest, from Poseidon cabin. (She has a huge crush on him..)
  • Ivy Vane, from Aphrodite cabin.
  • Apple Honeycomb, from the Demeter cabin


Juliet doesn't like Amber Silverberg, and some of the other Athena cabin members.


Juliet is very good at archery. She can make people fall in love with other people without the love arrows, but as it drains all her energy, she prefers to use the arrows.


She has her love arrows and bow.


Song(s): Cupid's Got a Shotgun (Carrie Underwood)

Color(s): Fuschia

Animal: Dolphin

Food: Chocolate cupcakes (preferably with strawberry syrup)

Drink: Mountain-Dew: Code Red

Ice-cream flavor: Ben and Jerry's 'Cake Batter'

Gods/Godesses: Eros, Aphrodite

Weather: Sunny

Time of day: Afternoon

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