Kaitlyn&Deven Right

This is Kaitlyn and Deven as little girls. Kaitlyn ison the right side, Deven is on the left.r

Kaitlyn&Deven Right~older

Kaitlyn is on the right, Deven is on the left.

Kaitlyn Right

Kaitlyn Cameron Right (born February 17, 1993) is a demigod daughter of Aphrodite.

The End Of The Rainbow


Journey to the end of the rainbow. There is no pot of gold. XD


Kaitlyn is flirty (being a daughter of Aphrodite). She likes short shirts. She's stubbon. She's very sarcastic

Known Family

  • Aphrodite, mother
  • Derek Right, father
  • Fawn Right, step-mother
  • Deven Right, twin sister
  • Silena Beauregard, deceassed half-sister
  • Hephaestus, step-father
  • Ares, step-father
  • Other children of Aphrodite, half-siblings


  • Kaitlyn is 17 and has had over twenty-five boyfriends
  • She lives in Seattle
  • She has been in six diffrenet movies

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