Kane Frost

Kane Frost (18)

Kane Frost is an 18 year old Legacy of Kyle Frost and Helen Clay.


Kyle Frost was the son of Hades, and his mother was the daughter of Eris. As such, Kyle was a brooding and violent child.

After entering Camp Halfblood, he met Helen, the daughter of Athena. The two began dating.

However, Persephone was jealous of Kyle's mother for Hades loved her very much. Thus, she made Kyle besrek with rage with the help of Eris, who detested her own grand daughter (Kyle's mother).

In this fit of rage, Kyle slew his mother and his sister Ella.

This had him exiled from Camp on the orders of a furious Hades. However, Helen also had herself banished, so to be close to Kyle. The two began their life, and soon had a bony baby boy that Helen named Kane.

His bloodline can be traced to Inachos, who was the founder of the city Argos, and the son of Titans Tethys and Oceanus.



Justice, Kane's weapon

When young Kane was twelve, his mother died of cancer. His father could barely cope with bringing up a child on his lonesome.

Finally marrying a mortal, Kyle tried to get Kane to love his new stepmother. But Kane was furious at this development, chagrinned at the lack of love for his late mother in his father's heart.

Escaping from his father's house at the age of sixteen, he survived on the streets, picking up the more realistic forms of  combat. While not exactly becoming Bruce Lee, he became an adept, and wild street fighter.

At eighteen, he found that his father had been killed by a thug. His will had left Kane their small house, and a note with a cryptic message telling Kane to search the attic.

There he found what looked like an actual sniper rifle, but would transform into a sword as well. Armed with this weapon, he started eliminating the gangs he suspected to have murdereed his father.

Lately, he has realized that he is no ordinary human, because of his extraordinary strength and stamina, and his amazing stealth.

Fatal Flaw

Kane is not much good at teamwork. He despises friendship. He disdains help. He also gets angry easily. Very easily.

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